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How To Avoid Injuries When Playing Volleyball

Kids And Team Sports: How To Avoid Injuries When Playing Volleyball


I was very proud to have my oldest son play volleyball all four years of high school because he followed in the footsteps of his Mom. 🙂 I played volleyball in elementary school, high school, and even at college level. We both have experienced many sweet victories over the years, but unfortunately we’ve also had our fair share of injuries.

Volleyball may be a mostly non-contact team sport, but that doesn’t mean its players aren’t at extreme risk for a plethora of injuries. Similar to baseball and softball, due to the constant swift movements, as well as the often awkward landings and slides, players can incur a game-changing injury in mere seconds. Once these injuries occur, it’s not unusual for surgery or extensive periods of rehabilitation to take place, removing the player from the game for extended periods of time or indefinitely. Once an injury has occurred, it is not uncommon for it to reoccur in the future. The location of the injury becomes vulnerable and the player needs to take extra precautions to ensure there is not a repeat situation.

However, it is possible to reduce the possibility of getting injured in the first place. Proper gear and protection can reduce that risk. Knee pads can absorb shock and provide coverage to the knee. Ankle braces can support mobility while simultaneously relieve pressure from the ankle. Proper shoes are a must have. Getting shoes that are specifically created to assist in volleyball means players have support at their base to reduce slipping and twists as well as aid in an array of motions. Traction and midsole shock absorption are benefits, while breathability is yet another perk.

How To Avoid Injuries When Playing Volleyball

For more information on injuries faced by volleyball players as well as how to avoid injuries when playing volleyball, take a look at the following infographic:



Anatomy of a Volleyball Player [Infographic]

As my son prepares to graduate from high school and enter college, he has already shared his intentions to play at the college level, just like I did. We will be using the summer months to get refreshed on proper volleyball movement and technique in hopes to minimize and hopefully prevent playing injuries for the years ahead.

How To Avoid Injuries When Playing Volleyball


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I, myself, sustained three injuries in two years while playing volleyball as a kid. Nothing too serious, but it could have been avoided now that I look back.When my mother bought me a proper pair of a volleyball shoes things became much better!

My 8-year-old brother recently started training basketball. Any tips that are basketball-specific?

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