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How To Avoid Being The Most Horrible Wife Ever


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Bless my husband. He has to put up with a lot from me! This is especially true when I’m hungry. When my stomach is growling and I can’t get to food right away, I take it out on anyone around me. As much as I try to fight it, I morph from an upbeat, cheery person to one of the meanest people you would ever want to meet – and I always and up regretting it.


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Take last weekend for example. My husband and I are currently in the process of renovating our home from top to bottom. With us being so busy during the week, we do our renovation work on the weekends. Since his schedule causes him to be away from home more the mine does, I am the one who completes the majority of the work. I had spent an entire day doing demolition on our guest bathroom. Between that and juggling the kids and the blog, I was beyond exhausted. What’s worse, I had very little sleep, and worked straight through the day without eating anything. Once the day was over, the last thing I wanted to do was to leave the house for in your reason. I simply want to take a shower and go straight to bed.

However my husband had other plans. After coming home from work, he came into the house and suggested that we should go out for a family dinner since we had not spent much time together during the week. Instead of me welcoming his suggestion, I instead snapped at the idea. Could he not see that I was much too tired to go anywhere or do anything?! I was totally against it, but the kids were excited about going. So out the door we went – with me giving my husband major side eye the entire drive to the restaurant.


PicMonkey Collage 1


I was so angry about going that I took a picture in the car to document the moment when I felt my husband was being so unreasonable.

I was so angry about going that I took a picture in the car to document the moment when I felt my husband was being so unreasonable.


I complained and fussed for the whole drive. I kept repeating the fact that I did not want to go. My husband tried to stay positive, but my anger wore him down, and he eventually turned the car around and headed back home. The kids were bummed, and my husband seemed very disheartened. But I didn’t care – all I could say was, “Good! Now I can get some rest!!” As the kids headed to their rooms, they had the saddest faces ever. What’s worse, my husband looked heartbroken as he pulled frozen pizzas out from the fridge.

That is the moment when it hit me: The Hungry Rage Monster in me had struck yet again! I felt so terrible!! All my husband wanted was for us to enjoy some quality family time together, and I totally ruined it with my grumpy attitude! If only I had eaten something during the day to satisfy my hunger, I would have been my usual joyful self and would not have acted that way towards him and the kids.

A few SNICKERS® Peanut Butter or Almond bars from our neighborhood Family Dollar store would have definitely done the trick. Not only are they delicious, but they also have protein. I would have curbed my hunger, plus had more energy to do whatever family activities my husband wanted to do that evening.


#whenImHungry #ad


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#whenImHungry #ad


My remorse stayed with me all night. The next day, I decided that I would apologize to everyone for my awful behavior and make it up to them. When my husband came downstairs for breakfast, I had a huge ‘I’m sorry’ hug and kiss waiting for him, as well as a little surprise:


#whenImHungry #ad



I shared with him that I know I can be the most horrible wife ever when I’m hungry, and that I certainly did not mean to be so short with him and the kids. I promised him that from now on, I will make sure that while I’m working, I will take a little break at the first sign of hunger to eat a SNICKERS® because I never want to be hungry rage monster with him or the kids again. He could not have been more thrilled.

Being a workaholic like I am is hard. But after our experience this weekend, I now see that being married to one is even harder. Now that I have gotten the eye-opener, I am committed to making my husband’s job much easier for him by keeping a stash of SNICKERS® on hand to grab and eat when I’m hungry.


Most Horrible Wife Ever #WhenImHungry


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most horrible wife ever


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Most Horrible Wife Ever

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Oh my gosh. I can so relate to this post. My family does not like to see me hungry. And boy does a snickers satisfy you.

Katrina Weghorn

That dang ol hungry rage monster can get the best of us, right? I’ve been just where you were! Snickers can go a long way in the fight against being the most horrible wife ever. And I love the special heart for your husband. So sweet!


I joke with my teen when he is crabby that he needs a Snickers. He always says yes.


Bwahahaha. Hungry Rage Monster. I love it! That’s so me when I’m really hungry.


I love this post. I can so relate to it. Been there. lol


LOL, remind me not to bother you when you’re hungry! I’m cranky too when I’m hungry.

Uplifting Families

Thank you for your honesty. Most people wouldn’t public admit their faults to the world. I’m like you, when I’m tired or hungry I get a little snippy when I don’t mean it.

I need a snickers now!


I’m sorry but I laughed so hard. That pic of you angry in the car reminds me of all the times I become the “wife from hell’ when i”m hungry! THe chocolate heart is a super cute idea!

Catherine S
Catherine S

I know that I had a moment like that a couple weeks ago. My husband and son wanted to go see a movie after we had moved all day. I was so exhausted and I just wanted to go to bed. They went to the movie without me. I should have stocked up on Snickers for the move.


I am not a happy person when I’m hungry. Snickers are a favorite snack!

Reply to  Betsy

It’s the opposite here. My husband can go all day without eating and be fine. I’m the grumpy one!


My husband’s the one who gets cranky without food. The youngest does too, but not as bad as hubby *yet* We’ll see if that lasts when he’s older (i hope for his wife it doesn’t, hahaha).


I did not know this was a post about Snickers until I got to the bottom! lol. When I’m grumpy my son usually mentions I should have a Snickers. Those commercials sure do leave an impression!


I can be cranky when I’m hungry too. I try not to be, but hunger gets the better of me!

Rachelle J
Rachelle J

Yum! Snickers are my favorite treat. I get super snappy when I’m hungry too lol!


what an adorable story and I love your photos. Very clever!!!


No One and I mean NO one wants to be near me when I am hungry. It can be downright dangerous!!! Since if I am hungry that means that my blood sugar is also low (I am diabetic) so I am totally off kilter. A snickers bar would definitely help both situations!!


Yum! Love snickers. When I am hungry, Oh boy look out! I get oh so very cranky! I will have to keep some Snickers on hand.

Marcie W.

I certainly have numerous examples of being mean and nasty due to being hungry. I really need to start carrying a snack with me, like a Snickers, so I can avoid that entire situation.

Nina Say

I turn into the most horrible wife ever once or twice per week. It really isn’t a pretty sight!


I’ve had my fair share of snapping on others when I’m hungry too. I think it’s a good idea to keep Snickers on hand at all times to avoid this in the future!


I’m not a treasure to be around when I’m hungry! I should keep a supply of Snickers on hand for those times.


I can relate to your grumpiness on your drive. It sounds like a Snickers really would have done the trick. A little chocolate brightens my day.


My husband has has a few moments like that. Instead of all of going home, I just took him home. Ha!


I don’t think you’re alone. I think we all turn into some kind of monster when we are hungry. Thank goodness for Snickers!


Well, at least you didn’t morph into Roseanne Barr or Steve Buschemi! Just kidding! Anyway, I know the feeling, and Snickers is really handy when that feeling hits!


I have been known to be very crabby when I’m hungry. My husband knows to just say “I’m not talking to you until you have eaten something.”

Sarah B

My boyfriend and I are both like this so we carry protein bars and other snacks in our cars. The last thing I want to do is get in an argument with him because one of us is hungry!


Haha, my husband and I are the same way. I just had to explain to him what “hangry” was! LOL


My hangry face is pretty awful too! Good thing you have Snickers now for those hard times


I get hangry. It’s awful, but my husband is aware of it. He can usually tell when I am getting there and gets me food! Glad yours does too!


Snickers are my favorite treat. The Peanut Butter Snickers are my favorite.


I always have something in my purse. Most of the time it’s for my kids. They get grumpy when they are hungry.

Amanda O.

I love a good Snickers. It’s my go-to candy bar.


Oooo I can go for that peanut butter Snickers right now, Snickers always has been my fave.


Long drives are tough. Making sure to have a good snack is important, for me and the kids!

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