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How One Company Is Using Plants to Revolutionize the Beauty Industry and Skin Health

How One Company Is Using Plants to Revolutionize the Beauty Industry and Skin Health


Sustainability is a critical goal for the future of the planet.


In 2022, people are seeking more sustainable solutions for everyday items. To address this growing demand, many beauty brands are introducing products that harness plant-based approaches to deliver benefits, like anti-aging or antioxidant activity.


But did you know that the majority of mass-produced scents rely on synthetic chemicals like aldehydes?



Plants are uniquely capable of producing compounds that can’t be produced through other means. However, the beauty industry still has challenges producing plant-based ingredients at scale. Some of the most valuable plant-based ingredients today are based on exceedingly rare or difficult-to-access plants or grown in remote or fragile locations.


That is why Calyxt, a plant-based synthetic biotechnology company, is taking a new strategic direction focused on engineering synthetic biology solutions.



The company estimates that more than 80 percent of all known natural compounds are able to be produced by plants. Calyxt’s technology platform PlantSpring™ and bioreactor BioFactory™ combine to give beauty formulators access to rare, plant-based ingredients on-demand and at scale, sustainably.



Michael Carr, President and CEO, and Chief Technology Officer Dr. Travis Frey of Calyxt  joined me to discuss why plant-based solutions will be a driving force in the goal of sustainability in the future.



For more information, please visit: https://calyxt.com  

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