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How I Use Ensure Max Protein to Make Healthy Living Over 40 Easy

Tracking PixelEnsure Max Protein to Make Healthy Living Over 40 Easy

This post is sponsored by Abbott/Ensure, but the opinions are 100% mine.


A few posts back I shared with you new National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) data from researchers at Abbott and the Ohio State University. According to the research, more than 1 in 3 adults over 50 still aren’t getting the protein they need daily. It is recommended that adults consume 25 to 30 grams of protein at every meal for optimal daily nutrition.


I have always strived for the goal of proper daily nutrition, thanks to my mom. I saw examples of the importance of proper nutrition from her early on in life.


Now I am not only older, but I also lead a much busier lifestyle than before. With a college student, teenager, and middle school student all under my roof, schedules can get a little crazy. That is one of the primary reasons why I have decided to do more in order to make healthy living over 40 easy for myself.


How I Use Ensure Max Protein to Make Healthy Living Over 40 Easy


When it comes to getting the recommended daily amount of protein for my age, that is where Ensure Max Protein comes in. I rely on it to not only keep me feeling my best throughout the day, but to also make proper protein consumption one less thing that I have to worry about.


For me, Ensure Max Protein is much more than a nutrition supplement. It is a way of life. I view Ensure Max Protein as the perfect nutrition solution for balancing my hectic schedule with a healthy lifestyle.


How I Use Ensure Max Protein to Make Healthy Living Over 40 Easy


Ensure Max Protein is:

  • Convenient – perfect for protein on-the-go
  • Great-tasting
  • Packed with nutrition
  • Low in fat and calories, and has 1 gram of sugar


In other words, it really is an excellent source of easy protein and nutrition!


Protein is the fuel that helps keep my body going, so I keep a bottle of Ensure Max Protein in my bag and with me at all times. It has been a huge help in making healthy over 40 easy. 


With the Kids


Team sports games and practices, doctor’s appointments, parent conferences, recitals, occupy the bulk of my evenings – even during the summer months. Add that to driving the kids to and from school and running errands for the household, and you have a lady whose life is one of nonstop motion. I may run late and the unexpected may occur – so many elements could keep me away from eating a meal or even a healthy snack at any given moment. Ensure Max Protein ensures that through it all, I never miss a beat in meeting my body’s nutritional needs.





Even though I do a lot for my kids, my husband, and my home, I still make time for myself. Attending yoga classes and hitting the gym are also a part of my healthy lifestyle. On the business side, there are meetings, meetups with friends, conferences, photo sessions and the like. Ensure Max Protein keeps both my mind and my body at peak performance to conquer my to-do lists and keep me at my very best at every moment.



At Home

How I Use Ensure Max Protein to Make Healthy Living Over 40 Easy


Unfortunately for me, my day does not end once I return home in the evening. There’s dinner prep, helping with homework, housekeeping, and laundry that I have to attend to all before I turn in for the night. Drinking Ensure Max Protein keeps the evening drain at bay so that I can complete all of my nighttime tasks effectively.


Simply put, I love how Ensure Max Protein is easy protein that makes me feel great! Every day, I seriously notice the difference in my energy, alertness, and overall mood.


And I am not the only one who feels that way! I recently had the pleasure of speaking with acclaimed actress Kate Walsh about her healthy living at 50 routine, and how Ensure Max Protein plays an integral part in her health goals. Joining her was adult nutrition and muscle expert Suzette Pereira, Ph.D. from Abbott, who offered advice for easy protein consumption and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Take a look below.


Suzette, how much protein is recommended for the average adult? Is it different for a woman in her 40s or 50s? 

People have likely heard that protein is good for them – but they may not know how much they should be getting in a day. For example, a person weighing 150 pounds would need roughly 54 grams of protein a day, according to the dietary recommendations. To put that in perspective, one egg has about 6g of protein. 

Protein is a key part of your diet at any decade, but as people age, their bodies begin to slow down their ability to break down foods and absorb nutrients. In fact, Abbott and the Ohio State University did a new study and found that more than 1 in 3 adults over 50 aren’t getting enough protein in their daily diets. This data is a major wakeup call for all of us and is why consuming a well-balanced diet with the right amount and right kinds of protein in your 40s and 50s can make a big impact on living a healthier, more active life!



We know that protein is an important part of our diets, but what are the specific benefits of a high-protein diet for women over age 40?

Protein is essential to our everyday health, and as we age our bodies need protein more than ever. If you don’t get enough protein in your diet, it can have a big impact on the things you love to do daily. Beyond keeping muscles healthy, protein impacts your mobility, your metabolism and even things like bone health. But remember, protein offers key health benefits and it is important to incorporate in our diet at any age!



Kate, do you use Ensure Max Protein as a meal replacement or more as a snack while you’re on the go? Do you add anything to it or put into smoothies? 

I drink Ensure Max Protein as a snack or supplement to my meals throughout the day. Again, it can be challenging for me to get the proper amount of daily protein through meals alone.  I like to have the Milk Chocolate in the morning or mid-morning, and then the Café Mocha in the afternoon for a caffeine pick-me-up! I enjoy it on its own, or will pour it over ice as well. Either way, it helps keep me steady, so I don’t have those crashes or lethargy in the afternoon. Plus, it tastes yummy, too!


How I Use Ensure Max Protein to Make Healthy Living Over 40 Easy


Kate, we know that Ensure Max Protein has several different benefits. What are your top 3 reasons someone should choose Ensure Max Protein versus other protein shakes? 

Kate: Ensure Max Protein is from a scientifically proven brand that you can trust. I can feel good knowing that my body is getting what it needs in a day, and it’s made by the experts. I love that it’s low calorie, has 1.5 grams of fat and 1 gram of sugar, but that it also has amino acids and vitamins and minerals as well.  I also love the fact that Café Mocha has 100 mg of caffeine, which is as much as one cup of coffee, so in the afternoons, particularly, when I don’t want to drink another cup of coffee, I can feel energized and get my protein needs met.



Suzette, can you share with us the nutritional differences between original Ensure and Ensure Max Protein? 

Suzette: Ensure has always been about nourishing adults to help them live healthier lives. While Ensure was the first medical nutrition drink that Abbott created 45 years ago for helping people in the hospital recover, the brand has evolved its portfolio and research over the last several decades to meet the changing needs of people no matter what stage of life. Each Ensure nutrition shake meets a unique nutritional need for adults – whether they are recovering from a health setback or just trying to maintain their strength and energy. 

For example, Ensure Original is a complete and balanced nutrition shake, and has 9 grams of program. Ensure Max Protein was designed to help adults 45+ consume the appropriate amount of high quality protein needed for staying active with age. With 30 grams of protein, Ensure Max Protein is our most protein-packed nutrition drink. Also, Ensure Max Protein is available in two great flavors –  Café Mocha and Milk Chocolate. Plus, the Café Mocha flavor includes 100 mg of caffeine, which is as much as one cup of coffee!



Kate, have you noticed any changes in your overall health since you began using Ensure Max Protein? Do you have more energy, etc.? 

Kate: After turning 50 last year, I can honestly say I’m stronger than ever and feel like I’m just getting started. And I can attest, the benefits of adding protein to your diet are incredible. Beyond feeling more energized, protein plays a big role from helping with your metabolism & balance, to weight management and maintaining or rebuilding muscle mass, bone density and mental clarity.


How I Use Ensure Max Protein to Make Healthy Living Over 40 Easy


Suzette, do you have any tips for women who are trying to add protein into their daily lifestyle in addition to drinking Ensure Max Protein and outside of consuming meat? 

Suzette: 3 simple tips to always keep in mind to stay healthy and active with age are: 1) Make sure to include protein at all 3 meals. Science shows that spreading your protein throughout the day has benefits; 2) Know your numbers. As I mentioned earlier, dietary guidelines recommend 54 grams of protein as the minimum amount to stay healthy; and 3) Get moving! Don’t forget to stay active to keep your energy up and your muscles strong. 


For those looking for additional protein sources aside from meat, it’s important to know that 75% of the protein we eat in our diets should be complete, or high-quality, protein. A complete protein source is one that provides all of the essential amino acids that our body cannot make. I would recommend consuming good sources of protein such as milk and dairy products, or tofu.



Kate, do you have any tips for other busy women who find it difficult to stick with a healthy lifestyle when they’re on the go? 

Kate: Even with our country’s obsession with protein and today’s culture of information overload, there’s clearly a major gap in our diets. But, I’ve learned that good health doesn’t have to be over complicated – you can find simple ways to make it work even with a busy lifestyle. I love that Ensure Max Protein is portable and allows me to get the protein I need on the go. 


I’ve learned how important it is to slow down and prioritize my self-care routine, so now I’m much more conscious of what my body needs to stay strong and healthy – that includes things like strength training, sufficient sleep, drinking lots of water, and getting enough protein in my daily diet. But, that can be challenging as I sometimes like to eat potato chips & have been known to skip a meal when I’m busy, which is why Ensure Max Protein is so important to me on a daily basis.Healthy Living O

ver 40


I am personally in awe of the evolution of Ensure. It has come a long way since the days my mother used it as part of her healthy living over 40 routine. With new, satisfyingly delicious, highly nutrition products like Ensure Max Protein, Abbott keeps finding ways to make Ensure better and better, and they make proper daily protein consumption easy. There is no other brand for me!

Healthy Living Over 40


Abbott, the maker of Ensure, has always been about nourishing adults and helping them live stronger, healthier lives powered by the latest advances in science.



Ensure Max Protein is available nationwide at most major retailers and online. Get your own here at Target today!




DISCLOSURE: Abbott partnered with influencers such as me for its Ensure Program. As part of this Program, I received compensation for my time. Abbott/Ensure believes that consumers and influencers are free to form their own opinions and share them in their own words. Abbott/Ensure policies align with WOMMA Ethics Code, Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines and social media engagement recommendations.

Ensure Max Protein to Make Healthy Living Over 40 Easy

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