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HomeSchool vs Public School: Which Is The Better Choice #HomeSchool #PublicSchool

Homeschool vs Public School: Which Is The Better Choice?


Getting good grades in school is important — but through the years, parents have learned that grades are only part of the education process. Kids absorb more than just facts and figures in school. They learn about social cues, teamwork, taking responsibility and accepting others. However, an ever-growing segment of the population acknowledges that kids can learn all of the above without entering a traditional classroom. These families are homeschoolers.

Not all homeschooling parents are trying to shelter their kids from the evils of the public school system. Nor are they all raising geniuses who graduate from college at 13. Sometimes, they live in really awful school zones, or have kids with social issues that are better addressed at home. Sometimes, homeschooled kids have learning challenge that are difficult to address in a traditional school setting. However, many home-schooling families are simply regular families who want to take charge of their kids’ educations. They like the flexibility, family closeness and memories that homeschooling can provide.

If you are considering homeschooling your children, you may want to contemplate the following pros and cons before taking the plunge:


Homeschooling Pros

  • Your children will be with you all day. Family closeness is one huge benefit to homeschooling.
  • You can be flexible with scheduling. This is especially beneficial if you or your spouse works odd hours. Kids in traditional school may not see a parent who works odd hours except on the weekend.
  • You can customize your child’s lesson plans to reflect his or her interests and abilities. While you can’t avoid teaching math, spelling, English and other topics, you can approach lessons in a way that will be most engaging to him or her. Additionally, kids can work at a pace that suits their needs.
  • Your kids can avoid the negative parts of social interaction. They don’t have to deal with bullying or teasing. For very sensitive kids or those with disabilities, this is a huge bonus for homeschooling.


Homeschooling Cons

  • Parents have to work hard to find ways to get breaks from their kids. Things like doctor’s appointments can be difficult to schedule because the kids are always in need of a parent at home.
  • Siblings may need a break from one another. If the kids have trouble getting along, they will soon start driving mom and dad up the wall, too.
  • Parents have to figure out how to teach difficult topics like algebra, chemistry and grammar. While buying good curriculum can help with this, sometimes a child needs a good teacher to help him or her understand concepts.
  • Very social children may have a hard time with not seeing friends every day. Kids who don’t have neighborhood friends may struggle to connect with others their age. Parents have to bear the burden of their kids’ social lives, often while juggling the demands of infants and toddlers.
  • Can you afford homeschooling? While many homeschooling parents work part time, this venture will cut into the budget. Additionally, materials and books must be bought.


 homeschool vs public schoolPublic School Pros

  • It’s free and available for everyone.
  • You’ll have a trained teacher explaining difficult topics to your kids. Your kids will have access to laboratory materials and state-of-the-art technology that you may not have in your home.
  • The school can provide opportunities like drama, band, sports and clubs that may be impossible to recreate in your homeschooling community.
  • You will have a guidance counselor who can advise your family about college readiness, credits earned and other learning issues for high school students.
  • You will be a part of the community when your children attend the same school as the other kids in the neighborhood.
  • You can work while your kids are in school all day.

 homeschool vs public school

Public School Cons

  • You have no control over the social environment. Your child will be around other kids who have been exposed to situations that you don’t want your kids exposed to. Additionally, as much as teachers try to prevent it, there will always be an aspect of bullying and teasing in most schools.
  • Certain schools are better than others. If you live in a poorly performing school zone, there’s not much you can do about it.
  • Some teachers are not very good, there’s always a risk that your child won’t have a good teacher.
  • Your children may be taught topics that you don’t agree with. Subjects like sex education are usually addressed in upper elementary school, even if you don’t feel that your child is ready for the discussion at that age.

 homeschool vs public school

Before you make the decision to homeschool your kids, be sure to think these points over carefully. Either way, you can be a great parent of a public-schooled child or a homeschooled child.


 homeschool vs public school

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homeschool vs public school

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These are great tips for those in the decision making process. The rising classroom sizes among other things makes me wish sometimes that homeschooling was right for my family.


We are homeschooling now. We are up in thei air in regard to public school. I am aghast with the national testing and horrible money trail behind common core.


Thank you for this well thought out post featuring well thought out pros and cons on homeschooling. I have struggled with this as well.

Carlee C

My kids are in private school and although there is a cost, it is worth every penny. If my kids were in Public school, I would definitely be involved through volunteering, the PTO, and seeing if I could help out in the classroom.

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