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The Busy Mom’s Winter and Holiday Travel Survival Guide


It is no secret that winter and holiday travel can be an incredibly stressful occasion for busy moms. When the hustle and bustle of holiday travel starts, the family preparation, long waits, unexpected flight delays, road closures or slower speeds due to snow or sleet can make even the most organized and peaceful mom distressed. While some of these instances cannot be avoided, being prepared for smart and save travel can help ease your family’s journey.

Travel expert Julie Loffredi, is no stranger to these obstacles. Here are some of her top tips and secrets on how busy moms can avoid the winter and holiday travel blues.




.Holiday Travel Survival Guide

Leave with plenty of extra time. Give yourself more time than usual in order to anticipate any delays that may occur. Remember to bring some snacks for everyone, and portable games and reading material for family members who are not in the driver’s seat.

Book smart. Whether you’re traveling by air, rail, or simply booking a hotel room, start pricing out tickets early and make sure to seek out travel companies backed by the leading provider of solutions for the travel industry.

Have your car examined before you leave. If you’re using the family vehicle for your travels, take it to your auto shop for a quick inspection. Make sure your tires are winter ready and properly inflated, and all fluids are topped off before heading out on the road.

Stretch your legs often. Whether you’re flying to driving, take some time to walk around and stretch your arms and legs once every hour.


Take a look at more of Julie’s winter and holiday travel survival tips below.



Holiday Travel Survival Guide

Meet Our Guest:


Julie Ruditzky Loffredi is a journalist and award winning television news reporter. She has appeared on NBC TODAY show, CNN, ABC Good Morning America, Fox News Channel, Hallmark Channel, NBC 30, ABC 6 and Fox Providence and others. Julie’s vast experience crosses over into many media platforms – tv, radio, and online. Her reporting work is currently featured on FoxNews.com, USAToday.com, ABCNews, Oyster.com, Clark Howard, The Points Guy, Huffington Post, Yahoo! Travel and others. Julie is also viewed as a media expert and is a Continuing Education Instructor at Rhode Island School of Design. She was recently nominated as “Entrepreneur of the Year” by Newport Chamber of Commerce. In addition to her television work, Julie is also an artist and photographer.

Holiday Travel Survival Guide

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