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Interview: HGTV Show Host John Gidding Shares Tips To Improve Curb Appeal For Homeowners


Do you feel a little frustrated—maybe even embarrassed—about the current look of the exterior of your home? If so, there’s no need to worry: you are not alone.

The truth is that most homeowners tend to be critical of their home’s curb appeal, with 83% of them saying it could be improved. That’s according to a recent survey, which shows that 34% of homeowners questioned believe their home’s curb appeal is “average,” and 6% say it’s poor.

tips to improve curb appeal for homeowners The good news is that there are dozens of ways to enhance your home’s appearance, without spending a lot of money. Experts say some of the areas to focus on in order to improve curb appeal include:

tips to improve curb appeal

Of those homeowners surveyed, one third said they would be willing to spend up to $500 to improve their home’s curb appeal. Nearly one-quarter would spend between $500 and $999, which is more than enough for DIY landscaping and exterior painting projects.

When it comes to painting, two-thirds of homeowners said they are likely to paint a space in or outside of their home this year, and the top areas for interior painting include:

  • Bedroom (25%)
  • Bathroom (24%)

tips to improve curb appeal for homeowners 

Popular TV Host and Interior Designer John Gidding talked with me recently to share some tips to improve curb appeal for homeowners without spending a lot of time and money.  He also revealed the newest trends for sprucing up the home indoors and outdoors as well with budget-conscious advice.

Gidding is a versatile designer with experience in residential, commercial and landscape architecture. He’s currently also the designer and host for the HGTV Show, “Curb Appeal: The Block.

tips to improve curb appeal

Take a listen to the interview below:



To learn more ways to improve the curb appeal of your home for the season, visit: swpaintingweek.com. You can also get inspiration and ideas for your home project and share your results using the hashtag: #swpaintingweek on social media.

tips to improve curb appeal


Meet the Expert:

john giddingJohn Gidding is a design expert who, with his experience in residential, commercial and landscape architecture as well as urban and graphic design, transforms average homes into sculptural showpieces. 

Born and raised in Istanbul to a Turkish mother and an American father, Gidding incorporates his multicultural aesthetic into his architectural projects. 

John’s television career has spanned the gamut from hosting award shows to being the host and designer of HGTV’s “Curb Appeal” for 6 seasons and “Designed to Sell” for 4 seasons.  He still hosts the HGTV Dreamhome, the largest giveaway in television, but his main show is called “Secret Guide to Fabulous”, on Viacom’s Logo, currently in its second season.  He’s appeared as an expert numerous times on the Today Show and Good Morning America, but is currently a regular on the Rachael Ray show.  She calls him “Giddy Up”.

In conjunction with his work on television, John founded John Gidding Design Inc. in 2008, which has since taken on a partner and is now Gidding & Spencer, a design and architecture firm based in Atlanta with residential and commercial projects around the country.  He also worked for two years at the offices of Michael Van Valkenburgh and Associates, a leading landscape architecture firm, where he worked on the teams designing the Brooklyn Bridge Park, Union Square, and a prototypical green roof experiment for the headquarters of the American Society for Landscape Architects in DC. 

In 2015, John launched a new social media platform called GAVL, a tech startup with offices in New York City.  He went public with the app on the Rachael Ray show.  GAVL, a voting app, hopes to play a role in the 2016 national elections.

tips to improve curb appeal

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