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Here’s Why and How You Should Develop the Practice of Good Health and Wellness

Develop Good Health and Wellness

You’ve probably heard it said at least once that you should care about your health and wellness. However, even though many people know that it is essential to take care of their health, some don’t seem to understand why.



Good health refers to a state of not being ill or injured, while wellness is the much broader state of oneself that includes your mental, emotional, and spiritual status. Both health and wellness are crucial to living a wholesome life, and explained below are a few reasons to help you understand the importance of good health and wellness.



Reduces Your Risk of Developing Lifestyle-Related Diseases


Many Americans are at risk of developing lifestyle-related diseases, such as Heart Disease, Type II Diabetes and Hypertension. The number of Americans who suffer from obesity also continues to increase every year; this problem stems from eating highly processed food, sugary foods, and other unhealthy practices.


The most recent National Diabetes Statistics Report released by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) shows that 9.4% of the U.S population suffers from diabetes, a condition that is most prevalent among the obese population. This not only affects the quality of life of the people afflicted but reduces their life expectancy as well.


However, you do not have to be part of these statistics. Being more mindful of your food choices is one step towards achieving better health. Removing and curbing the intake of highly processed food, increasing your water intake, and going for wholesome home-cooked meals can result in significant changes for your overall health and wellness. Such practices may also contribute significantly to reducing the risks of developing chronic diseases such as Hypertension as well as allow for better management and treatment for those who already have such conditions.



Helps You Remain an Active Member of Society

As cited earlier, wellness incorporates a lot more than simply being free from an illness. The human body operates much like a machine; if one part of your system falters, the rest of the components may also be affected in different ways. If you are struggling mentally, maybe from past trauma or stress caused by a different facet of your life, it can take a heavy toll on both you and your relationships. It might become hard, for instance, to concentrate at work if you are stressed about an issue, and this then creates a ripple effect that goes a long way into ruining your general well-being.


Since being present not only for oneself but also for the community as a whole is hugely important, everyone should work towards improving their health and wellness. Committing to healthy food choices and exercising is one way. Another way is including different forms of self-care, such as yoga and meditation, taking time out to play and rest, as well as doing things that you enjoy so as to improve your well-being. All of you is required to function effectively in society, and you can only do that when you care for your health and wellness.


Why and How You Should Develop the Practice of Good Health and Wellness faith health and home


You are Able to Set and Achieve Your Goals

Everyone hates being unwell. When you are ill, you may not be able to go to work or school, and take care of your family and friends as you would like. And this is without considering the financial and psychological toll brought about by illness. However, the choices you make every day, which, in the long run, affect your health and wellness, do not seem to take this into consideration. Harry Stylli, who is not only a healthcare entrepreneur and chairman of OncoCell MDx but also an authority figure on matters of health and wellness, has shown that you can’t achieve most of your goals unless you take care of your health.


Your health and wellness are vital because they provide you with the opportunity to pursue your dreams and ambitions. However, you must also ensure that the choices you make fall in line with your body’s needs. For example, staying up for four days in a row studying for a test will probably do more harm than good for your health and well-being. As such, it is essential to remember that the only version of you that can achieve those goals is the one that prioritizes good health and well-being above all else.




After all is said and done, understanding the importance of health and wellness is crucial for everyone who is hoping to live a long and meaningful life. Incorporating healthy eating habits, meditation, exercise, as well as setting time aside for play and rest can go a long way in helping you achieve good health and wellness.


Attaining your health and wellness goals only calls for a bit of discipline, commitment, and an appreciation for healthy living. Having good physical health and being mindful of your emotional and mental state can make all the difference between a fulfilling life and that of despair.

Develop the Practice of Good Health and Wellness

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