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Here’s What Happens When You Make the Most of The Walgreens App

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Let’s face it: we all look for ways to make the management of our lives much easier. In this day and age, apps are the preferred choice, but with millions of apps available for possibly anything imaginable, it can be taxing to pick the right ones, and easy to overlook the ones that have the ability to cover a host of your life management needs all-in-one.


There was a time when everyone in my household each had lots of different apps downloaded on their devices for various needs. There were photo print apps, healthcare apps, coupon apps – the list went on and on. Some even charged a fee, and hardly any of them had sharing capabilities. It was all becoming too much to handle.


After taking an extensive look at all of the apps on all of our phones and tablets, I was shocked to discover that all of us already had an app that covered most of our needs and then some – we just weren’t utilizing all of its included features to get the full benefit out of it: the Walgreens App!


We were initially using the Walgreens App only to buy products online, but there is so much more to the app than any of us realized! As a result, we’ve dumped the other apps (freeing up phone storage – yay!) and have made the Walgreens App our primary source to make our lives easier.


If you are surprised by the Walgreens App, you’re probably not the only one! This app has a host of tools and features that can help your entire family manage everything from saving time to saving money – seriously! I cannot say enough how much the Walgreens App has helped every member of my household!


Take it from me – you want to start using this app more often! When you and your family make the most out of the Walgreens App, here’s what happens:


You Keep Better Track of Your Prescriptions and Medication History

Although my college-student son suffers from a serious health condition, that never stops him from immersing himself in activities that keep him on the go. For example, he’s currently traveling the country leading college preparatory summer camps for high school students. While he sometimes forgets what state he’s in during the time of our video calls, I never have to worry about him forgetting his important medications, thanks to the Walgreens App.

Walgreens App

He refills his prescriptions easily by simply by scanning his Rx labels for pickup at the Walgreens location closest to him using the app’s ‘store locator’ option. The convenient access to his Rx status and history allows him to view his medication history at a glance and refill medications right from our Walgreens family account. He also makes great use of the Walgreens App’s pill reminder feature, which allows him to set reminders for his medications so he never misses a dose due to his busy schedule.


You Get Fast, Reliable Care for Your Kids’ Health (and For Yourself)

Being a mom for nearly 25 years, I had had my fair share of unexpected phone calls from the school nurse or summer day camp aide because the onset of an illness. I’ve also responded to “Mom, I don’t feel good” in the middle of the night more times than I can count. Back in the day, my only option was to call the doctor and oftentimes wait for a response. Fortunately, all that has changed – I have the help that I need for my kids’ ailments right at my fingertips!


The Walgreens App makes it easy to find care fast! Whenever symptoms of illness arise, I use the always-available ‘find care now’ feature on the app to consult with a healthcare professional. If an in-person visit is needed, I schedule right away on the app as well. It is an awesome tool that ensures that I am giving my kids the immediate care that they need to get well as quickly as possible. These options are so great and so valuable that I even use them for myself when I’m feeling under the weather, too!


You Never Get Backlogged in Photo Memories Again (Plus become Queen of the Cool Things)

My teenage daughter loves photos. I mean, she REALLY loves them! She takes photos everywhere we go! Whether it’s a family vacation or school event, she always makes sure to capture as much as possible. She loves creating Photo Books for each adventure to showcase the moments that are most precious to her.

Walgreens App


By having the Walgreens App on her devices, she can print all her photos in an instant – a feature that she totally loves! We have a cool system where she orders her prints right from her phone or tablet, and I pick them up the same day for free at our neighborhood Walgreens on the way home from running errands. Her friends always anxiously await to see her newly-created Photo Books from our latest family adventures!


She’s not the only one who takes advantage of the Walgreens App photo feature – I too use it to create personalized Photo Cards, gifts for family and friends, and décor for my home office like cool Canvas Prints and coffee mugs! I even create magnets from our vacation photos to display on our fridge for everyone to see! I pick my creation up along with my daughter’s printed photos and Photo Books all in the same Walgreens visit – all for free. It’s a convenience that I simply cannot beat!


You Become Savvy with Savings – a Real Savings Superhero

My beloved husband is a very frugal shopper! He is relentless in hunting for deals to save money any way that he can. He used to scour through stacks of newspapers to find coupons and view the weekly store ads. While he is adamant about saving money, the time that it took to find ads and clip coupons was just too frustrating to him.

The Walgreens App certainly saved the day for him! With the weekly store ad available right on his phone, along with paperless coupons, his ad browsing and ‘savings hunt’ is done in a matter of minutes! Plus, since I’m the total opposite and always forget to use coupons (!!!), he also uses his time on the Walgreens App to find paperless coupons for the items that we frequently use and adds them directly to our family Balance® Rewards account for automatic savings, in store and online for me!


Just to be sure that he has all the deals, he also uses the clip by scan feature in the app while he’s shopping in the store.  He takes his time to scan barcodes of items he’s planning to buy to add matching paperless coupons to our Balance® Rewards account that redeem at the checkout the same way as the ones he added prior to going in. He really is our family’s ‘Savings Superhero!’

Walgreens App

Having the Walgreens App on your phone – and making the most of it – is like have that A-list personal assistant that you’ve always wanted right in the palm of your hand. Just like me and my family, you’ll be wondering how you ever managed life without it!

Walgreens App

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