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Help for Parents During Coronavirus: Free Teaching Video Lessons



With schools closing to help stop the spread of coronavirus, millions of kids will be at home and you may even be their new substitute teacher. If you’re new to homeschooling, you’re probably wondering how you can help your children learn and keep them occupied while you work from home too.


It’s especially important to make certain this health crisis doesn’t impact student achievement or leave any student behind. While some schools and teachers may have learning packets or online classes, there is now a new, free video series called Knowledge on the Go that features video lessons across math, English language arts and science subjects.


Knowledge on the Go classes will consist of free recorded daily lessons in Grades K–12 of Eureka Math; (a Common Core-aligned curriculum published by Great Minds Inc., equates mathematical concepts to stories, with the aim of developing conceptual understanding).


It also includes Grades K–8 of Wit & Wisdom, Great Minds’ English language arts curriculum; and Grades 3–5 of PhD Science. Great Minds’ own teachers will deliver the lessons, which will be available to anyone and viewable on any device, even a smart phone. Great Minds will release approximately 25 video lessons across the three curricula per day.


It’s also a good idea for parents to develop a daily routine schedule for kids. Parents can also check into learning webinars for their children’s age group and encourage them to listen to audiobooks and podcasts.


Lynne Munson, Great Minds founder and CEO joined me to discuss how to keep building knowledge in your children during the coronavirus outbreak. She also talked about best ways to keep kids engaged in learning at home and the free opportunities available for parents who may be taking on the role of “substitute” teacher.


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