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hell week challenge book review

Taking Erik Bertrand’s #HellWeekChallenge Changed My Life – Here’s How

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Erik Bertrand Larssen for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine. Hell Week Challenge


Taking the Hell Week Challenge has been the most difficult, yet the most rewarding experience I have had so far this summer! Taking the practical life advice and applications from Erik Bertrand Larssen’s new book Hell Week has heightened my awareness of my habits, and empowered me with the knowledge to transform to a standard of higher living in every area of my life.


Taking the Hell Week Challenge Changed My Life - Here's How


A few posts ago about the four rules of the challenge that were the toughest for me to follow. Now I will tell you about the remaining three rules, and the steps that I took to better incorporate them into my daily routine.

Hell Week Challenge

RULE THREE: Exercise to the extreme

I had already started an exercise regimen at the beginning of this year. Unfortunately, some of my days were so busy that I would not get the chance to exercise at all. Being that Hell Week stresses the link between physical fitness and mental health, I knew that I had to improve my efforts to make sure that do at least some form of physical activity every single day.

To achieve this, I purchased a compact exercise bike to keep in my family room. I use it for an hour each morning before I officially start my day. I also purchased a yoga mat for daily stretching with the help of some yoga apps.


Taking the Hell Week Challenge Changed My Life - Here's How


I ‘sneak’ exercise into my household chores and activities, too. I do squats and leg lifts as I’m washing the dishes, sweeping, mopping, and dusting. I also do squats and leg lifts on the stairs. Doing these things have been a huge help on the days when my life gets hectic – I feel better knowing that I was able to exercise.

Hell Week Challenge

RULE SIX: Get Hyperfocused

I used to work on my blog and the business of the household all over the house. The kitchen table, the living room – even in my bedroom. The problem was that I could never get totally focused in any of those spaces. So I searched throughout the house for a solution. With some precise measuring and online scouring, I was able to find a mini desk to create a small work area in my home. The best part is that it faces a window, which helps me to ‘block out’ the rest of the house and focus solely on work.


Taking the Hell Week Challenge Changed My Life - Here's How


Now since I have committed to working solely at my desk, I am more attentive my other duties of home and family once I am done working for the day.


RULE SEVEN: Step up your game

One of the biggest self-discoveries that I made during the Hell Week challenge is that for me, every single life rule begins with rule one: early to bed, early to rise. I decided to use one of my old, deactivated cell phones as a personal timekeeper. I set alarms for early evening, one hour prior to my scheduled bedtime, and my actual bedtime. Sure, I could do this on my current phone or through an app, but I needed something more hardcore, and a second device that is not always within reach does the job perfectly for me.

Hell Week Challenge

I must admit: Hell Week was super-tough for me! It was hard to stick with it – especially when most of the rules were so easy to fall back on. However, I am very happy that I stuck with it and saw it through to the end.

Going through the processes of the book enabled me to identify the weakest areas of my daily routine, and to make some much needed changes. Because of the Hell Week book and challenge, I now have the will and mental fortitude to stay on task and take charge of my day in every of my life. Without a doubt, Hell Week is positively life-altering, and well worth every minute of time, energy and effort!


Hell Week Challenge

Taking the Hell Week Challenge Changed My Life - Here's HowYou can take the seven-day challenge yourself by purchasing a copy of Erik Bertrand Larssen’s new book Hell Week on Amazon. You can also connect with Erik Bertrand Larssen on Instagram to learn more behind the Hell Week book and challenge, and how it’s positively impacting lives around the world. 

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Hell Week Challenge

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Early to bed, early to rise is so hard for me to stick to! It sounds like Hell Week really worked for you.


Oh my goodness what a challenge this sounds like – hard but rewarding 🙂 x


Hell Week sounds like just the thing a person needs to get themselves kick started. You can’t change if you don’t step way outside of your comfort zone.


You go girl, you got this! Braver than I 😉

Marcie W.

I work from home and creating a designated workspace was one of the best decisions I have ever made. It sounds like this challenge really helps you learn more about yourself.


I can see how Hell Week would definitely push someone to strive to be a better person. Glad you’re giving it your all.


It sounds like you’re making some awesome changes. Getting into an intense newdaily exercise routine would be a real shock to my system.


I’ve never heard of this until now and it interests me! I would love to try it!


This sounds like a challenge I could for sure try! I need to change some things and get out or my comfort zone!


Wow, I want to have this challenge to. I am so guilty about sleeping so I need this!


What great tips! I seriously need to get this book and get on board. I’m taking the areas that you worked on and implementing them in my life!

Ora Lee Gurr

Sometimes simple facts are the best encouragement to improving a lifestyle. I’ll probably always be a late to bed, early to rise person, but I am trying to balance what really matters instead of trying to do it all.


I exercise during my chores too. I do a full 2 minutes of squats while I brush my teeth twice a day. It’s really helping to keep my bottom half in shape.


I think it’s important to always re-evaluate to make sure you are not getting into lazy habits. Simple changes can make sure a big difference.


Not sure I have that in me at the moment…but I bet that is a great book for those who are serious about excersing to the extreme!!

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