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health patient communication infographic

Texting: The Next Wave In Health Patient Communication (InfoGraphic)

Have you ever had those moments when you wanted to ask your family’s healthcare provider a question, but contacting them proved to be a challenge? Trust me when I say that I know exactly how you feel—I have been there a time or two myself.

Speaking from personal experience, I know all-too-well that having a large family can also mean having a need to reach out to a physician frequently—even at all times of day and night. For parents, tasks such as scheduling routine exams, double-checking immunizations, and getting answers for health concerns can seem daunting if contact options are limited.

Luckily, healthcare professionals are starting to take note. Many are exploring the idea of expanding the methods in which health patients can communicate with their doctors. The option that appears to be gaining the most popularity is health patient communication via texting. More expedient than emails and phone calls, health patient communication via texting saves time for both doctors and families. Texting also strengthens the doctor-patient relationship by giving patients the comfort and peace of mind that any health concern that arises for themselves, their spouse, or their children can be addressed easily, effortlessly and at any time.


Take a look at the infographic below to see why texting is the health patient communication of the future.


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health patient communication

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I personally don’t want my medical information on my phone, but I get why doctors are starting to do this. I would definitley opt out, though.


From a patient’s perspective, I absolutely love the idea. I much prefer it to picking up the phone.


I changed gynecologists last year and everything is done by texting and an app or online. I love it!


I think this is an amazing idea! I know that my inbox fills up so quickly that I often miss emails. Texting is a way to guarantee patients get the information they’re waiting for.


I love this idea for staying in touch with my doctor. The age gap really is shrinking. Even my mom has a smartphone. I NEVER thought I’d see THAT day.


This is such a great idea. More interaction is always welcome when it comes to healthcare.


This is a great service. I would like the ability to text my dr , her nurse or their medical assistant.


This is interesting. A very good idea.

April Decheine

Love this infographic, when my kids were at the doctor a lot when they were younger this would of been great.


Id love to be more involved with my provider. Such a good idea.


I love when a Dr texts me reminders of appointments! It is going to be interesting to see what other kinds of things doctors really end up sending via text message.


My daughter is a patient at Vanderbilt, and they have started to take advantage of texting. It’s been a great resource.


I haven’t seen texting in hospitals yet, but I can’t imagine how much time it might save. In hospital settings, every minute can be crucial. It would be nice to be able to reach someone quickly.


I am surprised to learn that there are more cell phones then people. This would be a great service.


As someone who has an aversion to the phone I think this is awesome!!! I think texting is more effective than email for sure.


I love infographics – I learn so much. I love being able to text with a doctor.


This is very interesting. I love to text, rather than talk, so this would be a great change I’d like to see happen all over.


This is an awesome service. I would love to be able to just text my doctor!


it’s funny, my doc has been texting me for 8 years. We’ve been his patients forever and he likes to check up on us


This is interesting but makes sense at the same time. I know that most places I go to now have email confirmations that come out before the appt, so it would only make sense that soon we transfer over to text messages for various needs like what this infographic shares!


Texting makes sense to me! Fast service when we need it


I think this a great way to keep you connected to your healthcare provider. I hope they start doing this in my area.


It’s amazing how far along technology has come. Thanks for sharing.


The only thing I might worry about is confidentiality. How do you KNOW who you’re communicating with?? I DO see many pros though!

Chrysa D

Oh my the infographic! I learned so much. I can’t believe health care will be relying more on text.


Texting makes sense to me. It saves time and money. We don’t own a land line.


I would love my dr to text me. It would make things easier for me and them.


When it comes to my health, I would rather be able to talk directly to my doctor. With that said, I see some of the benefits of text alerts


I think it is a great idea for the medical field to get intune more with technology. Lots of places are already implementing sending update reminders for appointments via text whichs is a great thing!

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