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The Hardest Part Of Christmas

the Hardest Part Of Christmas #Christmas melisasource music monday

Christmas is ‘just another day’ for many people in our world. Not because they do not celebrate the season, but because of outlining factors that hold them back from creating the type of joyous day that they dream of for their families. Maybe it is a recent loss of a job, or the loss of the household member that was the primary breadwinner of the family; forcing one to make the hard decision to forgo traditional Holiday spending in order to pay the bills. Or maybe it is simply bills that have gone overdue for months, and the time has come to either make payment or face circumstances. Or maybe it is an unexpected event that has surfaced and has depleted the Christmas savings account, or discord in the home causing parents not to see eye-to-eye- on Holiday shopping. In any case, it can be tough to get into a festive mood when things in life are not going as planned.

Hardest Part Of Christmas

Although it is very true that Christmas is certainly not solely about toys, presents under a tree, or decorations, it cannot be denied that these things now make up the vast part of the way that Christmas is defined by the masses. Add the commercialism and the abundance of messages targeted at children that suggest getting stockpiles of Christmas gifts is a ‘right’ instead of a privilege from every single angle—including at school from teachers even—and it’s no wonder that parents who may not be able to afford the luxury of ‘making a list and checking it twice’ certainly feels the pressure. It’s also no wonder that children may feel anxiety about what may—or may not—come on Christmas day.

Hardest Part Of Christmas 

It’s an unfortunate spot to be in from both sides. Children have to return to school from Winter Break and hear the tales of extravagant presents from their classmates.  Pressure to lie about their own Christmas may seep in because they feel left out of the conversation. They know that if they tell the truth, they may face ridicule and embarrassment. And not just from other kids: it might come from school staff as well.

Hardest Part Of Christmas

Parents must figure out how to handle the situation best. Do they stare into their child’s eyes and break it to them that Santa won’t be making a visit to their house this year? Do they pack Christmas day with so many visits to family and friends’ houses in hopes that the children won’t realize there was nothing under the tree for them? Do they just ignore the situation all together, and become offensive when asked questions by their son or daughter, and pretend as if it’s not Christmas? They don’t want to hurt them, but they don’t know what else to do or say.

Hardest Part Of Christmas

Whenever I am going about my Holiday happenings and to-do lists, my mind cannot help but to think about the people who are in these types of situations for the season. I know what it feels like because I’ve experienced it from both perspectives: as a child, and as an adult with children of my own. My heart cries for them. I donate and give when and wherever I can, and I pray every night that those parents and children who going through something such a situation can find peace within. That they hold strong to the comfort that in this age of extreme materialism, being together for Christmas is truly all that matters.

Hardest Part Of Christmas

Enjoy this week’s Music Mondays selection, ‘Why Christmas‘ by Boyz II Men.



Hardest Part Of Christmas

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Hardest Part Of Christmas

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This is so needed. Such a hard time for so many. Glad you addressed it.

Christy Garrett @ Uplifting Families

Thank you for sharing such a heartfelt post. This time of year is very difficult for many and even depressing for others.

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