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Parents: Talk With Your Graduates About Celebrating Safely With Help From #ABFamilyTalk


I participated in an Ambassador Program on behalf of Influence Central for Anheuser-Busch’s Family Talk About Drinking Program. I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation.


During the graduation season, we as parents need to find ways to connect and create the right atmosphere for deeper, more meaningful conversations about alcohol and the risks of underage drinking with our teens. I sure did, and I can tell you, it made a world of difference for both of us!

Graduation is a time to celebrate for sure. But before your high school seniors begin their parties, take the time to talk with them about celebrating safely and keeping events alcohol-free—it just may save their life.

One really great resource to use is the Family Talk About Drinking (FTAD) program through Anheuser-Busch. Prior to my talk with my graduate son, I went to the FTAD website to find tips on creating the right moments to talk, how to initiate and guide the conversation, and how to reassure my son of my love and support while encouraging his independence and accountability at every age level.


celebrating safely



celebrating safely


What I love most about the FTAD website is that I no longer feel alone in my journey of parenting a child into adulthood. With underage drinking being only one of the many pressures my son may face during his venture into adulthood, I am relieved to have the FTAD website with me every step of the way to help make his journey successful and alcohol-free. I can use the site to help with my teen daughter who will be graduating in a few yeas as well!


ftad 3


If you have a high school graduate this year, It is critical to have an open dialog with them about celebrating safely and the risks of underage drinking like I did with my son because research shows that parents do make a difference. By serving as positive role models, talking to other parents and your teens, supervising parties to make sure no alcohol is served, and supporting alcohol-free school celebrations, you can help prevent a life-changing mistake.

celebrating safely

Tell your graduate to celebrate safely. Make the right decisions and celebrate alcohol-free. It might not only save their life, it may also put them on the responsible path for years to come.


celebrating safely

How To Talk To Your Teens About DrinkingFor more tips and information on how to talk to your teens about drinking and celebrating safely during graduation, be sure to visit the #ABFamilyTalk website here. You can also join the Family Talk Facebook community, where you can also download a copy of the newly updated Family Talk About Drinking Parent Guide.

celebrating safely

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That is such an awesome photo of your grad! I don’t have kids, but made sure to talk about it with my nephews and nieces just before their junior proms. It may have been easier coming from me, as their Auntie, but it was real talk, that conversation definitely needs to happen!

Robin Rue
Robin Rue

My step son just graduated and will be heading off to college this fall. He’s going to the biggest party school known to man, so hopefully all the stuff we’ve told him sinks in.


Since my children are 4 and 1, I have a long way to go before we start the talking about alcohol. But, I think it’s great having a resource you can use to help foster the conversation with your teens.


This is such a great article. Down here in the south, every graduate wants to go to Panama City beach for a graduation trip. It’s pure debauchery. Ugh.


This is still a while away for me but this is great .. It’s so important to have these chats!


This is such a great idea. After graduation, there’s a ton of pressure on kids to go out and party. It’s so dangerous.


It’s so important to talk to kids about underage drinking. Especially before sending them off to college.


It’s definitely good to open up conversation about alcohol with your kids. Making sure they are making informed decisions is important.

Marcie W.

Open lines of communication are key when it comes to talking to our children about important issues like this. Way to go!

Amber C.

What great advice for a graduate! I will share this with my cousin who is going to college in the fall!


This is a great idea. It’s so scary letting teens off on their own. It’s good to give them a reminder!


An excellent post and one that every graduate and parents of kids who are graduating should read. I have known a couple of people who were killed in drunk driving accidents as our kids get older I will be having lots of talks.

Lyndsey Jones

This sounds like a great way to celebrate graduation. These talks are quite important too.


This is such a great resource! Thank you for sharing it!


That is a great program Sounds like great help for parents.


I know that after graduations, a lot of teens go to parties. They need to know safety tips and risks when it comes to drinking alcohol.


Mine graduates in 2 years, and we definitely talk to her about the dangers of underage drinking. Both of my girls have seen the devastation drugs and alcohol have brought to our family, so they have a pretty level head about not wanting anything to do with those things.


It’s so important to teach younger drivers to be safe out there! They’re already at a disadvantage from having so few years of experience!


This is a great post and an issue that is so prevelant. Thanks for the great tips for talking to your teen!


It’s great to know that we can start the conversation so young with our children. I hope starting early will help my children make good choices.


My parents were always active in talking to me about alcohol. I know that it was a huge factor in avoiding drinking until I was 21.


I think it’s great that Anheuser-Busch is helping parents with underage drinking. Hopefully plenty of parents make use of this program.


This would be good to have for a parent dealing with these things. It’s scary being a kid and young adult these days.


What a great reminder as a parent! I would hope all graduates would celebrate safely. Great initiative


Both of my kids have graduated from high school and celebrated responsibly. My daughter and her friends went to McDonalds after the dance and had fun there. It is so important to talk to your kids about the dangers of drinking.


A lot of my family members drove across the country to see me graduation so my graduation party consisted of me and a friend with my family. I think we went to Olive Garden and that was 20 years ago!


What a helpful site! My kids are 10 and under, so we talk a little about it. I know we have important conversations about this coming soon!


My son is only 12, but I will be having this talk with him soon… it really is never too early and I have family members who are alcoholics. He’s never met these relatives and we don’t drink or have alcohol in our home, but he needs to know the risks, and be prepared for if/when the situation comes up one day.


This is so important! Having a place to go to help parents talk to their is valuable because these are conversations that you need to have. Congrats on the graduation!

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