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Got Folks Who Try to Downplay Your Vision? Tell Them This

Over the weekend I ran into an old friend that I had not seen in a long while. During our conversation of playing catch-up, I told them all about my blog: why I started it, how it’s been going so far and some of the plans that I have for it in the future. They looked confused, and as I explained further they chuckled, saying: “Why are you even doing that? It seems like nothing but a big waste of time—it doesn’t sound like it’ll ever amount to anything.” From there, they started recounting some mistakes I’ve made in the past as a way to justify their statements.




First, I stood there shocked, thinking: I thought this was my friend—why would they say something like that to me??’


After the shock wore off I politely advised them that I was in error for thinking that they would understand my vision. Why? Because the vision was given to me—not them. I also let them know that my mistakes do not define me, nor will they scare me or discourage me out of pursuing my dreams.


Needless to say, our ‘reunion’ did not go well. 🙂


There will always be those folks who try to downplay your vision and make you feel incapable of fulfilling it, using the mistakes you made in the past to convince you that the things you want in life will never happen. Because they have no clear vision for their own life (or because they see the great potential of yours) they are willing to do all they can to silence your future.




You control the fulfillment of the vision that you’ve been given—no one else. Nothing anyone says to you or believes about you or your vision can ever change that. Ever.


Remember: mistakes are inevitable–what separates a person from others is the improvement made after a mistake is realized.


The importance is in seeing yourself for what you want to become and who you want to be and speaking on it boldly and proudly. Your vision—your self-perception—is the key to boosting your strength and confidence about the pursuit of what you want out of life. It will help block other’s negative attacks before they can have a chance to penetrate your mind and spirit.


So when you encounter those folks who try to downplay your vision, tell them: Yeah, that was me—I made those mistakes in the past, but look at where I am today. OR Yes, that’s right—that is my vision. I can see it for myself. I am going after it no matter what and I refuse to let anything take me off my course or allow anyone to talk me out if it.”


Never allow people to make you feel small by downplaying the vision you have for your life. Keep going, keep it positive, and remember that there is nothing you have to prove to anyone else—only to yourself. 🙂




Enjoy this week’s Music Mondays selection, Here I Am Alive by Pop/Rock artist Yellowcard.



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Janeane Davis

I am glad that you did not let your “friend” ruin your vision and your plan. Sometimes those close to us are the last to see the greatness in us because t.hey are so used to seeing what we used to be and not what we are becoming. The fact that you believe in yourself and are moving forward with your vision and your dream is the important part, not their seeing what you see.

Besides, I like your blog and I want to see where you are going and what you are going to do.

Makeba Giles
Reply to  Janeane Davis

Greetings Janeane! Thank you so very much for the words of encouragement and support. I think that Ledisi said it best when she said, “Tell me what i can’t do, so i can show you what I CAN do!” ~Thank you so much for your kind words about the blog and I appreciate you sharing here with me! 🙂


Yep. The most successful folks are not afraid to fail. Because failing means you tried. Keep your head up and know that there are more for you than against you. You have a vision and apparently their glasses need to be cleaned. 🙂

Makeba Giles
Reply to  Val

Greetings Val! Thank you so very much for your kind words of encouragement. I wanted to share my experience in hopes of encouraging others to nevermind their naysayers and to keep on pressing towards achieving their dreams! You are so sweet! 🙂 ~I truly appreciate you sharing here with me1 🙂


Wow! Not only are u a DREAMER but a DOER! How many people can say they made their DREAMS become a REALITY!! I’m a FAN don’t forget me put some money on my books . Putting on my shoes to search for a random jerk to beat up for saying these words to you 😉 oh that’s not random? Lol

Makeba Giles
Reply to  Robbyne

Greetings Robbyne! Thank you–I really appreciate your kind words of encouragement: they mean so much!! You know that you’ve put a smile on my face with this one!! 😀 ~Thank you so much for sharing here with me! 🙂

Deone Higgs

Critics and naysayers are great for our journey and they tend to be our motivation to fulfill our vision, than they are in stopping it. I think Tyler Perry said it best on his Master’s Class on OWN, “It’s good to be underestimated, because then you get to own your own brand.” You know what the sad part of it is though, my friend… your friend was more than likely saying that about you, because they had allowed their past defeats and failures keep them from their own dreams and visions. Keep going! Like Robbynn said in her comment, “You… Read more »

Makeba Giles
Reply to  Deone Higgs

Greetings Deone! I absolutely love that words that you share here–you are so very right!! And I love Tyler Perry’s quote–in fact, you know that he is one of my biggest inspirations!! I appreciate your kind words of encouragement and support. They mean so very much! As the song says, tell your naysayers, “Here I am alive.” 🙂 ~I truly appreciate you sharing here with me! 🙂


Great post! You are so right! People love to give their unsolicited opinion for things they know nothing about. I tend to think that they are looking at it as if it were them so it’s not a judgment of you but a judgment of them.

Kudos to you for telling them how you felt about their response.

Makeba Giles
Reply to  ChaChanna

Greetings ChaChanna! Thank you so much! I agree with you that words of discouragement about another person’s dreams are not a reflection on the dream or even the receiver of the words, but instead a reflection of the speaker of the words–so very true indeed! ~Thank you so much for your words of encouragement and I truly appreciate you sharing here with me! 🙂

Tony Scott

Great post! Glad you reposted. I’ve learned a lot from you. This is one more lesson for me. People look at me sideways when I tell them how excited I am about new media. Their loss!

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