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Give It to Me: Just Ask for It and You Can Get It

You do your best to stay positive, try your hardest to push yourself every day to make progress in in your life, and what happens? It is not too long before something or someone pops up and knocks the wind out of your sails, leaving you less-than-optimistic about having a good day or anything changing for the better. You’re thinking, ‘I keep asking for a better life, keep asking to have a good day and I still end up in the same old places and situations. Why does this keep happening to me?


The answer is in your question – you are asking for the wrong things.


When wanting to live at your very best, simply asking for ‘a good day’ or ‘a better life’ will not produce the results that you desire. Why, you ask? Because those are the end results of what you want. In order to get to those, you have to build towards them by using the proper equipment. The equipment, my friend, consists of the ‘Life Keys’ that should be requested from the Universe at the very beginning of every day.


You know how the saying goes:


“You have not because you ask not.”



Before you step one foot out of bed to start your day, these are the things that you should be asking for:


Give me drive

Give me focus

Give me passion

Give me dedication

Give me determination

Give me wisdom to always look beyond the current moment and see the bigger picture

Give me courage to face my fears

Give me confidence to step boldly in the direction that I want to go

Give me clarity and a sound mind in order to make good decisions


If you just simply take the time to ask for exactly what is needed to make it through each day, the Universe is guaranteed to give it to you. That does not mean you won’t have days where difficult issues arise unexpectedly, people make you angry or stress you out, or one bad thing happens after another. What that does mean is no matter what comes your way, you will be amply-equipped to handle it because you asked for the proper mechanisms for the day well before it even began. Because of that, you can rest assured that in spite of what happens you can (and will) get through each day successfully, which in turn will lead to a much better existence.



“It is not what happens to you — but how you respond to it.”



You cannot respond to your life adequately of you do not possess the right equipment to do so—and you cannot obtain the right equipment unless you ask for it. If you want it (and want to hold on to it) just develop the habit of asking the Universe to give it to you every day. Watch how your life begins to improve for you!



Wife. Mom. Believer. Writer. Advocate.

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