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How To Give Back To Your Community

How To Give Back To Your Community, One Bill Pay At A Time


Over the years, charitable causes have become more visible in the American media. Thanks to the advent of the Internet and the birth of social media sites, many long running charitable organizations have received a new lease on life. This is partly due to their increased visibility and the ability to publicize their goals and achievements, but also to the growing concern of the average American over such issues as cancer, poverty, global warming, and the like.


Partnering With Charity To Make A Difference

More than ever before, corporations all over the world are partnering with charitable organizations. This is an encouraging development for the progress of mankind. Initiatives that fight evils, both physical and social, are receiving solid backing from a host of companies who are graciously donating a portion of their proceeds to charitable causes.


Helping Children With Cancer Triumph Over Their Illness

Palmco is one of the many corporations who have partnered with charitable foundations in order to make a difference. The company has recently announced a new initiative in conjunction with the American Childhood Cancer Organization (ACCO). This initiative is designed to give money to the ACCO through the cooperation of new customers who establish new accounts with the company.

For each and every new account that a customer registers with the company, they will donate the amount of $1.00. Over time, this is bound to snowball into a major windfall for children who are suffering the pernicious effects of cancer. As of the end of 2014, the company had already donated $10,000 to the ACCO, and this amount is guaranteed to increase as the new year continues.


Giving Back To The Community

When thinking about how to give back to your community, it’s this sort of quick thinking and “can do” attitude that can mean the difference between life and death for an entire generation of children. And it’s this sort of spirit that truly defines the basic nature of American free enterprise: Making the most for yourself, but giving back of yourself to the community you come from.

how to give back to your community

Of course, there are plenty of other companies who are donating a portion of their proceeds to many worthy charities. As a customer, you can do your part to ensure that this trend continues by choosing to purchase goods and services from companies who support these and other worthy charities.

how to give back to your community

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