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Get More Done: 5 Productive Life Hacks to Add Time to Your Day


In our busy world, more and more people wish they could add a few extra hours to their day to get more done.


While it’s impossible to get more than 24 hours every day, there are life hacks you can use right now to increase your productivity and create more time for side projects or personal activities.


Minimize Distractions

5 Productive Life Hacks to Add Time to Your Day

Email notifications, phone calls, people stopping by to chat, and social media alerts all lead to numerous distractions throughout the day. What’s worse, one study showed that it takes around 25 minutes for people to get back to a task after they’re interrupted.


Consider how many times you’re interrupted throughout the day, and you can see that this time adds up quickly. To help minimize distractions, turn off the notifications, and lock your cell phone in your desk drawer.



Schedule Everything

High achievers admit they are ruthless when it comes to scheduling their days and will schedule everything from when they exercise to when they eat. While it might seem overboard, even scheduling when you take your breaks can help you stay on task.


Since nearly 47 percent of people say they procrastinate by spending time online, you can save a lot of time by staying strict on how long you spend on the internet. If you set aside 10 minutes to browse online, you can still catch up on the day’s news, and you won’t find yourself mindlessly clicking through articles that don’t matter to you.



Don’t Multitask

5 Productive Life Hacks to Add Time to Your Day

While many people think that multitasking is the best way to get more accomplished during the day, studies have shown that you perform better when you focus all your energy on one task. In fact, one study found that multitasking could cost you up to 40 percent of your productivity.


Rather than try to work on three jobs at once, tackle each one separately so you do better the first time.



Find Your Most Productive Time

Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, you know there are certain hours during the day when you’re most productive. Use this time to get your most difficult tasks done so you’re giving them your best attention.


For example, Oracle CEO Mark Hurd admits he starts his day at 4:30 a.m., and as soon as he’s awake, he’s ready to get to work. Whether you get up early or stay up late, use that uninterrupted time to focus on getting more tasks complete.



Automate as Much as Possible

With technology the way it is today, there are many small tasks you can automate so you don’t have to waste time doing them.


You can add time to your day by setting up reoccurring bills to get paid automatically every month, create email filters so you spend less time going through your inbox, and even use autoresponders for frequent email messages that don’t require a lot of explanation.

5 Pr

oductive Life Hacks to Add Time to Your Day

If you’re looking to increase your productivity and get more time in your busy day, these life hacks can help you add a few extra hours.

Productive Life Hacks to Add Time to Your Day

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