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Get Mental Clarity and More Energy to Handle the Holiday Season

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of INVIA. All opinions are 100% mine.


I need energy boosts! As a busy mom, there is always something to do which usually means more work and less sleep. This is especially true during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.

Even though I (seem to always) operate on low sleep, I still need to be able to perform at a high level at home and at work. Usually this requires coffee. But these days coffee isn’t always as effective as I need it to be, and in moments of scrambling to mark the growing list of tasks off my holiday to-do list, things can get frustrating – especially when the caffeine crash sets in.

I realized that if I want this holiday to be the best one ever, I needed a more reliable solution to beating my crashes. After doing some research I came across INVIA. INVIA is a daily mental performance supplement, an energy drink of sorts that is scientifically proven to enhance the performance and focus of the drinker.

By drinking INVIA a couple of times a day, you can completely replace the need for coffee and soda because of its high-quality ingredients.


Get Mental Clarity and More Energy to Handle the Holiday Season


INVIA was developed by Dr. Robert Paul, a neuropsychologist whose specialty is the area of adult brain function. INVIA’s key ingredient Cognizin® Citicoline helped to increase focus, attention, and mental energy.

I work from home and when the kids get home from school and my husband from work, things get hectic. With all of the noises in my house from school-day and homework discussions, TVs and crashing toys, it can get pretty hard to focus so having INVIA to keep me focused is a huge help. Now, one of the things that I love most about coffee is the taste. It’s easy for me to drink something that I like, so I knew that INVIA would have to taste good for me to make the switch. I gave it a try, and I must say that I was impressed!

get mental clarityINVIA comes in two great flavors: mixed berry and lemonade tea and both are delicious. INVIA also has a convenience factor. A grievance I have with coffee is availability. I get up in the morning and brew my coffee for the day, but if I’m moving throughout the house or away from the kitchen, getting more coffee becomes a distraction. INVIA on the other hand comes in the form of powder packs that can be carried around and added to water at any time of the day, adding value to daily water consumption. A win-win if you ask me!

Because I’m drinking water instead of coffee, I can also feel better about myself as I’m drinking. Plus, INVIA has zero calories, is sugar free, and has 100mg of caffeine per packet, which is about the same as a cup of coffee. With my daily caffeine fix, along with added ingredients that help will help me focus and get mental clarity, the decision to make the switch to INVIA is a no-brainer!

INVIA even offers a subscription membership that allows me to re-order it as needed for even more convenience. Is coffee or soda doing enough for you? If not, try INVIA for a more focused and energized lifestyle.

get mental clarity

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get mental clarity

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