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Ways To Get Involved For September 11 #september11

Ways To Get Involved For September 11

  This weekend marks the 10-year anniversary commemorating the tragedy of 9/11 in America. Many people, still uneasy about the day, are not quite sure what to do to mark the day and as a result spend it in either solitude or silence, somberly remembering the ones who lost their lives, but not doing anything to honor their memory. Others find a memorial service or candlelight vigil to attend, but once it’s over they don’t feel any more contributed to the day than they did before the day started.

Does this describe you are anyone that you know?

Although memorial services and candlelight vigils are indeed wonderful ways to commemorate the day, why not also put your grief into action by engaging in something a little more impactful and lasting?

Get involved by serving as a volunteer for activities in your local area that raise awareness for the aftermath of 9/11, or the duties of military and emergency personnel.  You can also research charitable events to attend that raise money for contributions to causes and organizations that provide support services to families of emergency responders killed in the line of duty.  Sometimes these types of events go unnoticed in the local media until after the fact, so you may have to do some extra legwork to find them, but the search will be well worth it.

Don’t have the time to attend events?  No problem. There are plenty of other ways to get involved for September 11. You can still make a difference by gathering your gently-used blankets and donating them to your local Red Cross for emergency response use. You can also donate clothing to your local Salvation Army office.

More ways to get involved for September 11 is by making a visit to your neighborhood firehouse. Show your appreciation by baking (or buying) cookies or packaged snacks that come in handy after the return to the firehouse from an emergency call. Gather the young kids in your family or neighborhood and help them create a painting or nice craft project to present to the firefighters in appreciation for their hard work.  If none of these suggestions fit into your budget or schedule, stopping by and simply saying “Thank you for all that you do” will be greatly treasured and make their day.

Ways To Get Involved For September 11 

With so many different ways to get involved on September 11, don’t just spend the day in front of the TV glaring at the program specials on repeat or talking about where you were when it happened.  Instead, take the day to make a difference in your community.

Ways To Get Involved For September 11 #september11

Remember: sometimes the smallest actions are the ones that make the biggest difference.

Ways To Get Involved For September 11 

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The Cubicle Chick

I think it’s very important that we never forget what happened on that day and to always pay tribute to those who risked their lives and honor to those that lost theirs. This is a very good post about service, which I need to do more of. Thanks!

Makeba Giles
Makeba Giles

Greetings: you are so right–it is very important that we always remember September 11th and it is so important that we all honor the day by performing an act of service, no matter how small. Thank you so much for commenting! 🙂

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