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Friendships Lost Can Be Perspective’s Gain


Friendships lost can be a really tough thing to go through. Trust me I know: I’ve had to endure it this year—twice.


It hurts. You begin questioning your character and the relationship as a whole: was it me? Was our friendship one-sided? Were we really friends at all or was it a connection based solely on convenience, perks, or opportunity? You may even find yourself questioning your character: do I even make a good friend? Is friendship just not meant for me? Is it me—am I destined to live a life by myself? So many thoughts swirl in your mind that you begin reevaluating your life’s direction, and the remaining connections you have left.

Friendships Lost

When a loss of a friend—or two—happens in your life, it’s not a time to sulk in sadness or run off and hide by yourself. Instead, it is a time for real life reflection. Look at the place that you’ve come from in your life, where you are right now, and where you are going. Could it be that the road that you’re currently on is not meant for folks from your past to be along for the ride? Could it be that you and your life have evolved to something much greater? Maybe your life’s direction and destiny involve new people—new friends and connections. And maybe it is not purposed for the old and the new to exist together. The saying goes that everything and every person has a season in your life. Maybe—just maybe—the season of the old friends has come to an end, and in order to move forward into the place you are destined to be in life, you must separate your life from the old season to make room for the new one. Flowers will never grow and thrive unless they are properly pruned.

Friendships Lost

So if you are in a place in life where you have lost a friendship, remember that it is a perfect time to gain some perspective on your life. Sure, it’s painful and you may be feeling down about the experience. You may even feel all alone. But just know that just like the Good Word says, everything happens for a reason. Also, look around you closely: there may be a new person waiting in the wings to embrace you in a new circle of friendship—the very person that is purposed to be with you for the new season of your life’s journey.

Friendships Lost

Enjoy these selections for this week’s Music Monday, ‘Everybody Can’t Go’ by 21:03, and ‘Lonely’ by Janet Jackson.


.Friendships Lost


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Friendships Lost

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I do understand. Still stings, but as life goes on, it is just a part of it. Thanks for sharing.


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