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Free Ways to Get Fit and Healthy this Summer

4 Free Ways to Get Fit and Healthy this Summer

Remember the fitness challenge I started a few months ago?


Well yeah, about that……




A lot of devastating unexpected life events happened during the course of the months that I had pledged to get fit. My birthday came and left, and needless to say I did not make my goal. 🙁  However, missing my mark has certainly not stopped me from trying.


Now that Summer is officially here, I really want to revive my get fit challenge. The warmer weather and the kids being home serves as a big plus to me, since they can be my motivation to get outdoors and exercise in the warm weather, or even to push away from my desk and move around the house with them for a while. They can also keep me accountable for the foods that I eat throughout the day, and cheer me up during my down days so I don’t fall victim to the constant spoiler of my plan: emotional eating.


In other words, I have no more excuses.


Plus with the days being longer, that means I can get in longer hours of physical activity–outdoors. Don’t get me wrong: I love workout gyms, but there is something about being out in the fresh air and sunshine that really motivates me. And it’s free 😉


Summer is also the time when my family is most on-the-go. Therefore, I love having the ability to get my exercise in whenever I want from wherever I want. 


Summer definitely gives options for getting your body together at very little cost, or no cost at all. And I’m not talking pricey exercise gear either. Take a look at  some of the free ways to get fit and healthy this Summer by using a little creativity Here. 

 free ways to get fit and healthy this Summer

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 free ways to get fit and healthy this Summer

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