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Free Health Tests During The Walgreens Wellness Tour #Walgreens #wellnesstour

Recharge Your Wellness With Free Health Tests During The @Walgreens #WellnessTour

Getting on the right track when it comes to health can be tough if you don’t know where to start. Sure, there’s the option of a visit to your primary care physician or neighborhood clinic. Yet with busy schedules of family, work, and home life, and even the financial crunch of back to school season, doctor’s appointments can be much easier said than done. Fortunately, Walgreens has teamed up with the National Urban League to provide a convenient option for wellness checkups at no cost that meets people right in their own neighborhood.

Free Health Tests Walgreens Wellness Tour

The Walgreens Wellness Tour with the National Urban League is a community outreach program dedicated to providing free preventative and early detection health services to urban and at-risk communities. Now in its ninth year of serving communities nationwide, the three free health tests provided during the tour, valued at over one hundred dollars, measure 10 key health indicators that personal health insights that may indicate symptoms and potential risks for cancer, heart disease and diabetes.


Free Health Tests During The Walgreens Wellness Tour  #Walgreens #wellnesstour (1)


The free health tests are administered by certified wellness staff and are available to adults who are ages 18 and older. After the tests, participants can consult with a Walgreens pharmacist or certified wellness staff about the results. The best part is that the entire process can be completed in approximately 20 minutes. It is quality health service that will not impact your pocketbook.

Free Health Tests Walgreens Wellness Tour

New Orleans Photographer Frank Aymami“The National Urban League and Walgreens are committed to disease prevention and to improving everyday health through education and early detection,” said Marc H. Moral, president and CEO of the National Urban League. “As our partnership with Walgreens enters its ninth year, we are excited to take this tour to multiple cities and maximize the impact of our shared, long-term commitment to bridge the gap and help diverse communities lead healthy, sustainable lives.”


The tour also provides important resources, educational information and consulting services to help guide you in the right direction for living a healthier lifestyle.

Free Health Tests Walgreens Wellness Tour

There is nothing more empowering than taking matters into your own hands and becoming your own health advocate! Finding out where you currently stand when it comes to your health has never been easier. As summer draws to an end, take a few moments to stop by the Walgreens Wellness Tour when it arrives in your area. The information that you will receive during their free health tests will empower you to recharge your personal journey to better health.


Free Health Tests During The Walgreens Wellness Tour  #Walgreens #wellnesstour (2)


The Walgreens Wellness Tour will be in the St. Louis, Missouri area on the date above. If you live outside of the St. Louis area and want to learn when the Walgreens Wellness Tour with the National Urban League is serving a neighborhood near you, visit Walgreens.com/Tour.


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Free Health Tests Walgreens Wellness Tour

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Debbie L.

Congrats to Walgreen’s. This is such a huge benefit to so many. I work in the ER and I see people everyday that have not had life saving test done due to cost. It is great that Walgreen’s is giving back to the community


I love that these test are free! If you don’t have health insurance, wellness visits for free are hard to come by.


A good wellness screening is so worth it. I like that they are doing this.

Kate K

This is wonderful! We have health insurance but our co-pays are pretty steep so we don’t go to the dr as much as we probably should!


Well, I don’t live in or near MO, but this is really cool that Walgreens is doing this. Great program.


This sounds like a great wellness screening that Walgreens is helping sponsor. It’s hard to beat free, and nice to have someone friendly go over the results so everyone knows their options to good health.


I love Walgreens! I haven’t seen these free health tests- such a great idea!

Catherine S
Catherine S

It is great that Walgreens is doing this. I have a few family members that don’t go to the doctor like they should due to cost.


I was hopefully it would be in my area but I see it will be close to some friends and family in other states so I will let them know.


That’s great that they bring the health tests to you in your neighborhood. Very easy to get checked out!

Fariha N.

All this in just 20 minutes is awesome. These are important health tests and they don’t take much time. Thanks to Walgreens they are free, so there’s no excuses.

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