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Which Foam is Best for Mattress Toppers

Which Foam Is Best For Mattress Toppers?


Whether you desire to craft a foam seat, or are in need of foam insulation, or foam mattress toppers, research to find the best foam for you is an absolute must. Companies such as The Foam Factory can offer more detailed information on the various types of foam available. Foam mattress toppers are popular since they offer the owner a good night’s sleep without purchasing a whole new bed or mattress. Mattress toppers are usually made from one of three materials: latex foam, polyurethane foam, and memory foam. Exploring and understanding the differences and benefits of each will ensure that when you are ready to purchase, you will get exactly what you need.


Latex Foam
Foam made from latex is super durable, and outlasts memory and polyurethane foam. That said, latex foam is also the most costly option up front. However, it can be the least expensive option in the long run since the consumer won’t need to replace it as often. It also provides more exact support than memory foam, and it instantly adjusts to whatever position you lay in. This type of foam also uses a lower energy process to manufacture, and doesn’t require the hazardous chemicals needed to produce polyurethane and memory foam.


mattress toppersPolyurethane Foam
Polyurethane Foam has the “egg crate” shape that you might be familiar with. This is the least expensive option up front, making it the most economical choice. However, many mattress makers choose this material since it’s inexpensive, not because it’s high quality. Polyurethane foam also has a more energy-intensive process than latex and memory foam, so it’s not exactly an eco-friendly option either. It also doesn’t offer the pinpointed support that the other two offer. There are different grades of polyurethane foam. Basically, the higher the foam’s density, the longer it will last.


Memory Foam
The popular Memory foam is pretty much made from the same chemicals as polyurethane foam, except it goes through an additional chemical process to change the way it feels. This additional chemical gives it the famous “slow moving” action. This slow movement allows it to absorb pressure. This type of foam is typically denser than polyurethane foam. Also, it typically costs much more. Cheaper memory foam mattress toppers are usually of low density and don’t last as long as the high density ones.


These three types of foam have their own pros and cons. Now that you’re more familiar with them, which one would best suit your needs? Feel free to visit The Foam Factory online for more information.

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