Five Easy And Natural Ways To Protect Your Skin Throughout The Year

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Much like every other part of the human body, the skin has inherent, healing abilities. Whenever moderate skin damage is sustained, the body responds by routing more blood and nutrients to the area, and by expediting its production of both new skin cells, and skin-renewing collagen.


Ongoing wear and tear, however, can still take a noticeable toll. In order to keep your dermis looking youthful, supple, dewy and fresh, you’ll need to pamper and protect it all year long.


Following are five, easy and all-natural strategies for keeping this important covering in top form.

Protect Your Skin


Stay Hydrated And Limit Your Caffeine Intake

Healthy and youthful-looking skin can often be achieved by simply keeping your body dehydrated. Whenever your body isn’t getting enough fluids, the skin, lips and hair are the first features to show it.


Rather than trying to gulp down massive amounts of water at once, however, try carrying around a large water bottle at all times, and sipping at this throughout the day.


Choose Foods That Provide Optimal Skin Support

Fresh fruits and vegetables are rich with antioxidants and phytonutrients that support optimal skin health. To keep your skin looking its best, load up on colorful berries, citrus fruits, dark leafy greens, grapes, watermelon, and tomatoes.


Not only are there plenty of vitamins in these things for supporting skin cell renewal, but many of these foods are also incredibly water-dense. As such, they’ll make it easy to stay hydrated without fear of upsetting up your electrolyte balance.



Incorporate Controlled Damage Into Your Skincare Routine

Moderate amounts of controlled damage can be caused at the surface layers of the skin to trigger it’s healing abilities. This is actually a common practice at skincare salons throughout the world. It can be accomplished via dermabrasion, microdermabrasion, micro-needling, or aggressive exfoliation. While you can always pay for these short and non-invasive treatments, you can also find tools that will allow you to achieve the same results at home.


The goal of these efforts is to gently abrade away all dead, dry and damaged skin cells. In addition to boosting blood and nutrient delivery to the affected area, controlled skin damage will also allow moisturizers and other skincare agents to penetrate the dermis deeply, and with optimal benefits.



Protect Your Skin From The Ravages Of The Sun

Invest in a quality, eco friendly sunscreen and wear this whenever you’re out and about. Donning a large, wide-brimmed hat while gardening, relaxing on the beach or taking your kids to the park will ensure that you’re never exposed to harmful UV rays, even when your sunblock wears off.


Many homeowners are additionally investing in protective, UV-resistant coatings for their windows and sliding glass doors. These relatively low-cost home additions keep people protected from sun damage even while they’re inside.



Choose Skincare Agents That Are Formulated For Your Skin Type

Stop wasting money on top-rated skincare products that aren’t formulated to work with your skin. Many people make the mistake of choosing skincare lines based upon brands, cost, and other factors that really aren’t relevant to their needs. If you lack a comprehensive understanding of your skin type, schedule an appointment with the dermatologist and ask for recommendations for effective and needs-specific skincare products.

Protect Your Skin

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