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5 Surprising Benefits Of Replacing Your Gutters

Fall Home Maintenance: 5 Surprising Benefits Of Replacing Your Gutters


Homeowners are constantly seeking ways not only to protect their homes but to help increase property values. One of the most important elements of home protection is having a properly installed gutter system.


However, over time, gutters can become less effective at safeguarding your property. Here are some of the top benefits of replacing your old gutters.



1. New Gutters Are Easier To Maintain

Depending on the type of gutters you have installed, they are a reasonable investment, but they are much easier to maintain when they are new. The main problem with older gutters is the constant need to paint or seal them over and over again. Just like anything else, modern technology has also benefited the world of gutters, making them almost maintenance-free.


New gutters can work seamlessly with protection systems such as the K-Guard Gutter System, which virtually eliminates the need to constantly remove dirt, rocks, leaves, and other debris. For busy homeowners, this can be of utmost importance.



2. Faulty Gutters Can Damage Your Property 

One of the most common things that happen with older gutters is the separation at or around the seams. As a result, water can begin to filter down the sides of the house.


Eventually, that water will cause damage to your paint or siding and begin to erode the foundation of the home. If you’ve also spent a considerable amount of money on landscaping, improper water flow from the roof can quickly damage your expensive plants and trees.


Most people don’t think twice about the reason gutters are part of their homes. The main reason is to ensure water is being channeled properly away from the house.


Even if you don’t see the benefit of an initial investment, it could potentially save you thousands of dollars from avoidable damage in the future. Damage to your home’s foundation doesn’t occur overnight, but it can become a costly repair once it does.


5 Surprising Benefits Of Replacing Your Gutters


3. New Gutters Enhance Curb Appeal 

Nothing can beautify your property much like a new set of gutters. Not only do they provide the protection your home needs, but they are a noticeable addition that turns heads.


Further, they can be customized to add a streamlined appearance to your property that you’ll instantly notice. There’s no denying the cosmetic benefit properly installed gutters can provide for your home.


You also may not realize the options that are out there when it comes to installing gutters. You can experiment with assorted colors or materials, shapes, downspouts, and accessories. As a result, there’s no limit to matching your style preferences with the gutters that meet your needs. You can learn more about the wide array of gutter types available and their expert ratings here.



4. New Gutters Increase Resale Value

It’s no secret that home values are soaring across the United States. New gutters can put you in a primed position to have real selling property in an already hot market. Gutters are often viewed as a hidden gem when it comes to real estate, and potential buyers see them as an important part of the property.


Did you know that insurance companies pay billions of dollars every year as a result of water damage? You can save on home insurance premiums, especially if you live in an area with higher than average annual rainfall.


A good set of new gutters will attract buyers, and you’ll have the benefit of getting the asking price for your home. So if you’re wondering whether new gutters increase resale value? The answer is yes! 



5. New Gutters Keep Your Home Healthier 

If you have anyone in the home that suffers from allergies or respiratory problems, additional moisture can form mildew or mold. New gutters are easier to keep clean, which reduces the chance of putting your family at risk from poor air quality. Many times, there can be the unknown presence of mold that can create a host of health problems.


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