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If you’re planning a DIY home renovation project soon, check out the EZ-Up dust containment poles. Here are 5 reasons why you'll be glad you did.

5 Reasons Why EZ-Up Dust Containment Poles are a Must for Your DIY Home Renovation

DIY home renovation can be a lot of fun. However, they can also be a lot of hassle if you don’t have the proper tools to keep the project fuss-free.


When my husband and I embarked on our own DIY home renovation project, we were newbies and had very little clue about what we were doing! As a result, we made plenty mistakes when completing the first room in our home.


One of the biggest ones was failing to properly seal off the room that we were working in. So much dust and debris made its way through the rest of the house that it took us weeks to clean up, plus we had to book a hotel for several days until all of the dust cleared out.


Lesson learned.


Large amounts of dust generated from a variety of home renovation projects can cause difficulties in final clean-up and air quality. Trimaco jobsite protection products will assist in keeping this dust in one area.


Cordoning off an area is as easy as using the EZ-Up dust containment poles. The dust will remain right where it can be easily cleaned up after completion.


Provide Cleaner Air In Areas Already Finished

Extensive DIY home renovation projects are often broken down into areas completed in small, manageable tasks. Dust from drywall installation, concrete, and wood cutting can become a hassle when allowed to free-float through the home, not to mention its effect on the home’s air quality.


The perfect solution is to install EZ-Up dust containment poles. Each area of work that is generating dust will be self-contained, eliminating the free travel of particulates through the air and helping everyone to breathe easier.


Eliminate Dust Contamination to Vital Equipment

It’s no secret that computers, printers, computerized equipment, and other electrical equipment can be compromised by dust infiltration. The ability to control where the dust goes during your home renovation will protect your home’s equipment that cannot withstand a significant amount of dust.


Protect Sensitive Surfaces from Dust Intrusion

Even trace amounts of dust can cause scratches when walked on or when items set on a dust-coated surface. The dust containment poles can protect metallic, stone, glass and other fragile surfaces from the dust generated from home improvement projects.


Easier Clean-Up

Keeping the dust contained will make clean-up easier. Just utilize a combination of air filtering equipment and vacuum before pulling the dust containment poles down.


You can make sure removal of every bit of dust happens before opening the area entirely. It eliminates the need to do a complete home cleaning, or the feeling disappointed at an unexpected mess.


Simple to Use Design

The design of EZ-Up dust containment poles ensures nearly anyone can use it without hassle. The poles are extendable to 12-feet and will twist for tightly securing to the ceiling and floor.


Place the plastic beneath the bottom and top of the poles before tightening, and you have a well-contained area for your most dust generating home renovation projects. The rest of the home will remain dust-free.


If you’re planning a DIY home renovation project soon, check out the EZ-Up dust containment poles available at Wal-Mart. You’ll be glad that you did.


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JHA Australia
JHA Australia

Awesome content and guide that every home owner can follow through when doing a renovation.

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