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A Busy Mom’s Guide to Eyewear Shopping for the Entire Family


As the kids are returning to school this month, I have been shopping everything from supplies to clothes. Included in all of the shopping were glasses for the kids and myself. I typically shop at JCPenney for their great deals on nice clothes so when I found that they had an optical department, I decided to give it a try to take care of eyewear shopping for the entire family.


A Busy Mom's Guide to Eyewear Shopping for the Entire Family


JCPenney optical offers all of the essentials, prescription and sun glasses as well as stylish frames. The best part about it is getting to bond with my kids. I know it sounds crazy, who bonds while shopping for glasses, but it’s true. The fun was in getting to know each other that much more during our eyewear shopping experience, laughing when frames didn’t look so good, and smiling when we knew we’d found the perfect matches.








Times were even better when I found that the glasses and frames were reasonably priced. In fact, the back-to-school sale includes one pair for 39.99 plus free eyeglass protection plan so I was able buy the glasses we wanted without completely breaking the bank.


A Busy Mom's Guide to Eyewear Shopping for the Entire Family




JCPenney optical offers the latest eyewear technology which was great because we were able to get the proper glasses for each person. For my husband, we selected durable frames with corresponding lenses. We did this because of the susceptibility to falling and breaking/scratching them while on his job. Because he does a lot of driving and reading while at work, we also added the scratch coating and made them HD to make sure that he can see everything as clearly as possible. And since his favorite color is black we got him black frames that can easily transition from professional to casual wear.

My daughter chose a more sophisticated frame for her freshman year of high school, and I opted to add additional treatment to ensure that she can see clearly while reducing the glare from being in the classroom staring at projector screens all day. And for me, I got anti-reflective lenses because all of the time I spend at the computer or on my phone. I got a classic frame.




In the end, the JCPenney optical experience was great! We had a good time eyewear shopping! We all enjoyed picking frames, we were able to get the lenses that we needed, and we were able to do it all at a reasonable price. Nothing can beat that!




Shop JCPenney Optical now to take advantage of these deals: 

  • 2 for $99.99 or 60% until 9/30
  • The ‘back to school’ sale until 9/30 


To start your optical journey at JCPenney, visit http://clvr.li/JCPOpticalStore.



I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Wife. Mom. Believer. Writer. Advocate.

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Colleen Lanin

They have such a huge selection there! If you’re going to wear glasses, make them a totally cool fashion statement.


Eyewear shopping can be a pain. It sounds like they have a great selection at JC Penney.


I’m getting a flashback to the time I first bought glasses – college freshman year. I needed them incase my contacts ripped. Looks like a great place to get glasses!


Wow! Way to go JC Penny for such great prices. It is time for me to have my eye exam and I am sure I will need to glasses since mine broke 🙁


I love that JCPenney sells glasses! The ones with the floral frames are super cute!

Marcie W.

Selecting new glasses can be so exciting but also so expensive. Shopping awesome sales like these are a great way to save!


Love that JC Penney has a variety of glasses to choose from! Perfect that they has eye wear sale too!


Getting glasses can be a super fun experience! I know it was for my sister when she had to get them at a younger age!


I love that JC Penny has such a variety of stuff. I actually didn’t know they had glasses!


You are both looking stylish! I really like the flowered frames toward the top! How cute! I am so indecisive so it’s difficult to pick a frame!


The price is not bad at all. Two pairs for $99. Wow. I have to share this with friends and family. They may be needing a new pair and this is one discount deal from JCPenny Optical that they would surely love. Thanks for sharing!


It would be awesome to be able to save on glasses especially if you’re buying for the whole family. I think this is a great place and they have a lot of designs that the kids will love too.

Ann Bacciaglia
Ann Bacciaglia

I need to pick out some new glasses. I would love to have a few pairs to go with different styles. I will have to head over to JCPenney.


I am about to change my reading glasses. I want to check out JC Penny’s!


I wore eyeglasses and I want to buy one for my son and for my hubby just for UV protection.


Love this and that JC Penny has so many great glasses!


Looks like a place to get good, stylish pairs! JCPenney has always been there for our optical needs, I heard that they are bringing up a cause for donations.

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