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Why It’s Important for Every Woman to Know About PBC


Very few women know the facts about PBC , or primary biliary cholangitis. Formerly known as primary biliary cirrhosis. PBC is a rare liver disease that primarily results from autoimmune destruction of the bile ducts that transport bile acids out of the liver, resulting in cholestasis. Ninety percent of people living with PBC are women, with 1 in 1,000 women affected being over the age of 40.


Why It’s Important for Every Woman to Know About PBC


PBC is a progressive autoimmune disease that affects the bile ducts in the liver. So progressive in fact, that it has been the second-leading overall cause of liver transplant in women in the United States, behind hepatitis C since 1988. Yet with such startling statistics, it is surprising that there is such a lack of awareness of the condition by women in the U.S.


Why It’s Important for Every Woman to Know About PBC


It is important that women across the country fuel the conversation about the prevention of PBC in order to bring about a higher place of awareness and understanding on something that impacts the health of such a significant percentage of the female population. It is also equally important for women who are currently living with PBC to equip themselves with the information and resources to manage the disease and symptoms in order to prevent serious health issues and the possible need for liver transplant.


Why It’s Important for Every Woman to Know About PBCThe time is now to get the work started to take the limits off of the lack of information available about primary biliary cholangitis. Let’s encourage and educate women everywhere to cultivate a better understanding of their bodies, and to become better advocates for their health by striving to get the right doctors, testing, and to ensure the proper diagnosis and treatment of PBC. It is only when women empower themselves and each other can a true and positive difference be made.


Get more information on the condition and hear from those living with the condition at LivingwithPBC.com.



Why It’s Important for Every Woman to Know About PBC

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Wow! Thank you so much for sharing this. I didn’t even know such a thing existed. This is why it’s so important to stay on top of our health and note anything out of the ordinary.


That’s interesting. Thanks for sharing! I had never heard of this before today. I hope more people take the time to read this post. 😉


What an important informational post! I had never heard of PBC before.


I had never heard of PBC before reading your post. This is definitely an illness that more women need to be aware of.


Thank you for sharing the stats on this. I had not heard of it before. But I’m in the age range now, better to be informed


I’ve never heard of PBC. Now I know the symptoms I’m going to look out for it. I’m so glad there are posts like this on the internet, when I was younger battling different symptoms I would have loved to have the internet as powerful now back then.


It’s good to know what symptoms to look for when it comes to PBC. I wasn’t familiar with this disease.


I never thought this disease is existing, never heard this before. I gained another information, thanks for sharing!

Ryan Escat
Ryan Escat

This is so important topic. My wife really need to know this. Thanks for sharing. Good to know that.


So I had no idea this was a thing. Glad to read this and be a little bit more informed and know the signs to look for. How important.

Ann Bacciaglia
Ann Bacciaglia

It is so important to know about PBC. Thanks for the great information. I have never heard of it before.


I have never heard of PBC, but how awful! Thank you for bringing this into light and spreading the word on such an important subject.

Seattle Travel Blogger

This seems like quite an ugly condition.
You include some very nice charts.


Thanks for the infographic! I never knew about this liver disease.


This is a great piece to spread awareness. This is the first I’ve heard of PBC – thanks for edicating me!


I never heard of this before. Thanks for all the info!

Becca Wilson
Becca Wilson

This is definitely something that I had never heard of before. Thanks for making me aware.


I never heard PBC before.


Blessed beyond measure as I am a Liver recipient , I received my gift of life ( new liver ) on January 2, 2015 due to PBC . It is a very very hard to deal with and scary journey but Thank the Lord I made it . 1 year and 3 months post .


wow! very interesting. Good to know.

Reply to  donna

This is important information. I was unaware of PBC. Thanks.

Lois Reed
Lois Reed

thanks for the heads up on PBC. I had never heard of it


Thank you for sharing this.

My Dad has PBC and at some point required a liver transplant to buy him some more time. It’s much more common in females than in males but you’ve provided some great information pieces here for anyone that comes across PBC in their lifetime.

Kathleen Gallagher
Kathleen Gallagher


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