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Empower Teen Creativity Through Real (and Healthy) Eating

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Having raised two teens into adulthood and now raising two more, I am well-versed in the variety of ways to empower teen creativity. And what I love most is that the areas in which I can challenge my teens to ‘think outside the box’ is increasing every day. I always love it when I discover a new approach or product to encourage self-expression and confidence in their personal interests.

One of the newest ways that I’ve discovered to help them express their individuality is through their food choices – particularly when it comes to after-school snacks.

Day after day, my teens followed the same routine. When I pick them up from school in the afternoon, both would beg me to stop by the nearest drive-thru on the drive home. Knowing of no other options, I would always oblige. After eating their chosen fast foods, they would feel drained and struggle to get through their homework and other activities for the remainder of the evening.

Each day, I could see it in their faces that they desired something different. Maybe they wanted more freedom of choice for their snacking choices, but it just wasn’t there. Maybe they weren’t quite sure how to express that they wanted something real to eat. Or maybe it was my fault in not seeking out a better, healthier way for them to enjoy a treat after-school or while we are on the go.

Mom’s guilt is a beast. As a result, I decided to make it my mission to help us all feel better each day. After discovering Fruitocracy, I knew that I’d found the perfect solution to our healthy eating woes.


Empower Teen Creativity Through Real (and Healthy) Eating Dole Fruitocracy


Empower Teen Creativity Through Real (and Healthy) Eating with Fruitocracy

Fruitocracy is a new product from Dole that is all-natural, non-GMO, gluten-free goodness in a squeezable fruit pouch. I love that Fruitocracy is an easy, affordable, non-messy way for my teens and tween to enjoy fruit as soon as they get in the car after school, after their sports practices and games, in the park, or wherever we are. I can keep them stored in the car to have on hand anytime they want one. Plus, with all-natural fruit and no high-fructose corn syrup or refined sugar, I feel more at-ease knowing that they are eating something healthy.




My teens and tween love that Fruitocracy comes in six different fruit varieties. That means that they can go beyond ‘sticking with the usual’ when it comes to snacking. They can switch it up and choose the fruit variety that best expresses their unique mood or particular tastes that day. They can even experience two different varieties at the same time. The creative possibilities are endless!







Talk about a total win-win! Fruitocracy has given me a way to empower teen creativity through healthy eating! Not only that, Fruitocracy has also given my teens a wonderful way to feel free to be themselves by enjoying snacks that are as real and authentic as can be – just like they are!


Empower Teen Creativity Through Real (and Healthy) Eating


Teen Creativity Through Real (and Healthy) Eating Dole Fruitocracy Fruitocracy is available at retailers nationwide, with suggested retail price $2.79/per pack. For more information visit fruitocracy.com.



This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of DOLE Fruitocracy.


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That sounds like a great snack option. I will have to pick some up for the kids.


I love these! I think it’s so important to give kids healthy food instead of whatever just happens to be lying around.


My kids love those squeezable fruit pouches. They are such a great snack option, especially on the go.


I haven’t heard of these Dole pouches before. I’ll have to find them, they’d be perfect for my kids lunches or on-the-go snacks.

Liz Mays

All of those flavors sound delicious. The kids will definitely enjoy the variety!


Looks like awesome flavors to choose from. I love that this is a better choice for snacking.


Those are super cool ways to get some nutrients into kids. My youngest is a picky eater but he may actually eat something like this, I will have to buy some!


Those squeezable pouches make anything look appealing to my kids! I love that these are a healthy option, and that it comes in quite a few different flavor varieties.


I learned something new! The whole tube snack thing is new to me. My kids were little before the tubes were popular and I did not know they make them for older kids!


This seems like an intelligent method to get kids the fruit they need in their diet.
The flavors look varied and fun as well!


You described my teenage boy to a “t”. Awesome post. I will have to test these out on him. He needs an after school pick me up – other than doritos and cookies


Wow, I’ve never heard of this before but I’m sure it would be great for the boychild. I’m going to look into this


I haven’t seen this product before. It looks like a great product for after school snacks.


Thanks for sharing. I’ve never heard of this product before but it’s worth a try. I enjoyed reading about your family and your photos!


this is the first time that i’m even hearing of this – sounds kinda sweet 🙂

Jonathan Key

This sounds like a great snack option! Too many times we resort to snacks that have way too much sugar. Thanks for introducing us to Fruitocracy!


I don’t think we have these in Canada yet. I will look forward to their release here


These look delish! Look at all the flavors. I don’t have a teen yet, but surely my boys will like these, even if they are healthy. 😉


This product is really cool, I tried it once by myself, for my kids are still young, and I liked it. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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