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Wisdom From Ella Joyce: It Is Never Too Late To Change

How often have you had an experience where you have made a mistake or misstep in life, and because of it, you convinced yourself that it was too late to turn things around for yourself? I know that I have had a few moments where I felt that way myself.


When those feelings of defeat start to creep in, remind yourself that things are never as bad off as they seem. No matter the situation or the extreme, a successful recovery or “comeback” is always possible. Sometimes the only thing it takes is to step back, analyze, reassess, and make the changes that are necessary to go in the right direction.


Ella Joyce reminds us of this in a wonderful way. During a press interview for Tyler Perry’s Upcoming Moving “Temptation,” the actress shared words of wisdom that it is never too late to do something great with your life–even if you have made mistakes.

.never too late to change

The 1st half of the clip below is Joyce’s interview, and the 2nd half is the promotional trailer for the movie, which opens in theaters this Friday (March 29).

.Never Too Late To Change


I hope that these words inspire you. Take a look:



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