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Dominique Wilkins

Interview: NBA All-Star Dominique Wilkins Talks Type 2 Diabetes And Tips To Stay Healthy During The Holidays

Nine-time NBA All-Star Dominique Wilkins is well known for his success on the court, which includes a remarkable 24.8 career scoring average. Arguably the best dunker the league has ever seen, Wilkins is commonly referred to as the “Human Highlight Film.”

Something your audience may not know about Wilkins is that he has had type 2 diabetes since shortly after he retired from the NBA. Now the basketball legend has started his own Diabetes Dream Team in partnership with global diabetes leader Novo Nordisk. The Diabetes Dream Team is a nationwide initiative that is aimed at helping people manage the everyday challenges of living with the disease.

This time of year can be especially tough for people living with diabetes. While calorie-laden festivities offer temptations to all of us, they can be even more difficult for people with diabetes. Wilkins says his approach to staying healthy during the holidays is similar to his regimen throughout the year. He tries to eat lean proteins, whole grains, fresh fruits, and vegetables, but still enjoys the foods he loves, like apple pie, in moderation. He also reminds us that this busy season is not the time to take a holiday from physical activity or to stop taking your medication. While it may be hard to find time to get moving, it’s important to stay active even if it’s just a daily walk.

During a recent phone interview, Dominique Wilkins gave pointers from his “Diabetes Dream Team” on how to stay healthy this Holiday season. He also shared with me some of the ways that he has learned to still enjoy the foods he loves, make time to exercise, and manage the challenges of living with diabetes everyday and during the Holidays.



Dominique Wilkins

You can find out more information about Dominique Wilkins‘ Diabetes Dream Team here.

Dominique Wilkins Interview

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