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Do These 7 Things to Level Up Your Self-Improvement Month

Do These 7 Things to Level Up Your Self-Improvement Month


September is Self-Improvement Month. This year in particular, more people are taking time to reflect and see what changes they can make in their lives. There’s a lot of information out there about self-improvement, but what do you really need to know?


There are seven things you can do when it comes to making an improvement or a positive change in your life that will take your self-improvement to the next level.


Do These 7 Things to Level Up Your Self-Improvement Month


Focus on yourself When it comes to self-improvement, the real “secret” to remember is that you already have everything inside of you to get the things you really want. Sometimes you just need to refocus. Ask yourself: What are the beliefs that have held you back in life? What are the sticking points that prevent you from moving forward? What traumas have you never healed?



Don’t focus on your ‘why’ but rather your ‘why not:’ How many times have you heard a self-help guru tell you to always focus on your ‘why?’ The better approach is to focus on your ‘why not.’

Why haven’t you been getting the things you want? Why aren’t you living the life you want? Once you figure out why things haven’t been happening the way you want, then you can move forward to get what it is you are really after.


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Stayaway from vision boards: How many times have you been told to create a vision board to constantly remind yourself what you are after? All a vision board does is constantly remind you of all the things you don’t have and leaves you feeling depressed and unmotivated. It’s okay to think about and focus on what you want to change or complete, but don’t let it occupy your mind 100% of the time.



All or nothing doesn’t work: When it comes to self-improvement, there are many self-help people who like to take an all or nothing approach. This seldom ever works and people get burned out and quit. If you are trying to lose weight, for example, you can’t go all in at 100% compliance. You have to give yourself a break or a cheat day here and there. Creating new habits and behaviors is a slow process that takes time to develop and can’t be forced.



Go slow: If you truly want to make an improvement in your life, you have to go slow and pace yourself. As the saying goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day. When you see these ‘lose weight overnight’ and ‘make millions of dollars by next month’ schemes, it’s all fake. Making a true change takes time and is a series of successes and failures.


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Failure is good: Speaking of failure, the only way to be successful in your self-improvement regimen is to fail over and over again. So many people are afraid of failure and will avoid it at all costs. The truth is, if you are going to be successful in making a change, you need to expect to fail over and over again. The secret is not getting upset or letting it derail you, but learning from each failure so you comeback better and stronger each time.




Celebrate the small victories: When it comes to self-improvement, the most important rule is that there are no rules written in stone. Making a change and bettering yourself takes a lot of hard work, motivation and dedication. If something works for you then stick with it. If it doesn’t feel right or seems awkward, then simply avoid it. It’s a continuous journey of trial and error; while celebrating the small victories along the way.



We each have the potential to be better than we could have ever imagined for ourselves, but the only way to access that potential is to acknowledge the areas in our lives that have been conditioned to keep us right where we are. Whenever we know the behaviors keeping us from self-improvement, we then are better able to change them from doing what they were meant to do in the first place.


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