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DIY Bedroom Furniture Makeover: 4 Clever Ways to Refurbish a Dresser

DIY Bedroom Furniture Makeover: 4 Clever Ways to Refurbish a Dresser


Doing a DIY bedroom furniture makeover is much simpler than you think.


The change of seasons may find you staring around your sleeping quarters and dreaming of ways to give the space a fresh update. After perusing a few decor magazines and looking at a few shelter blogs, it’s easy to get some inspiration for how you’d want your bedroom to look. However, the price tags on some of the most beautiful pieces can run a little high.


In cases like these, it might be tempting to give up and settle for a bland and boring bedroom. Don’t do this! Instead, rip the pages out of the magazine that inspire you the most, and use them as inspiration to complete your bedroom furniture makeover and recreate the look on your own.


For example, dressers can run pretty high. If you’d like a beautiful, ornate dresser in your bedroom, consider these ways to recreate it at a lower price.

DIY Bedroom Furniture Makeover: 4 Clever Ways to Refurbish a Dresser

After purchasing a sturdy dresser from a local thrift shop at a lower price, you might find that there are a few bruises on it. It might have experienced a little bit of wear and tear. Or the dresser might be covered in a paint that you despise. Get an electric sander from a website like www.jccayer.com and get to work.


Sanding down a wooden piece will allow it to gain a new life. You’ll be creating a clean slate and have a better experience when you’re looking to build upon the look and make it your own.



If you want to add your own spin to a look and you’d like to do it quickly, a coat of paint will work wonders. Look at your current look and how you’d like the dresser to fit in.


If you’d like the dresser to be subdued and serene, consider using colors like baby blue, cream or light gray. If you’d like to see a strong pop of color in your home, consider using colors such as hot pink, cobalt blue or sunshine yellow. Don’t be afraid of color and use it to your advantage. When you’re dealing with paint and a large piece like a dresser, it’s great to make a definitive, clear design statement.



Most dressers that are found within the likes of a thrift store are pretty basic. The drawer pulls and handles are usually made of tarnished brass or wood. Change the hardware for an instantly glamorous and chic look.


If you’d like to include some really luxurious details, consider using clear acrylic drawer pulls. You might have to hunt on the internet to find ones that fit your price range. However, they’ll easily turn a dresser’s appeal around.


If you’d like to continue to keep the price low, consider purchasing simple round drawer pulls in a golden or silver finish. As long as the drawer pulls have clean lines or modern details, they’ll upgrade the overall look.



If you’ve never thought about it before, it’s really nice to decorate the inside of your drawers as well. Consider using a material like wallpaper or drawer liners in a really graphic print for the insides.


Sure, it may not be on full display when you see your drawers. However, when you open the drawers, this is just another nice design detail to add to the overall aesthetic of your dresser.

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re makeover

These four tips will easily transform a dresser from trash to treasure. You might want to even consider flipping or reselling it for a profit. As you continue to see how easy it is to customize your furniture, you’ll be more comfortable in doing your bedroom furniture makeover and continue the tradition for years to come.

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