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Decorating a Small Apartment for the Holidays

Home Savvy: Decorating a Small Apartment for the Holidays

Decorating a small apartment for the holidays can be challenging. You already barely have the space to store all your stuff, and your decor options are limited because you don’t want your rooms to feel smaller than they already are. Thankfully, you can use a few strings of lights and some ingenuity to make your apartment festive without tripping over a large tree or eating up existing space with bulky garlands and wreaths.

Decorating a Small Apartment for the Holidays

Outline the Windows

One of the easiest ways to make your rooms look festive without getting in the way of your existing decor is to outline the windows with small lights. Depending on how your apartment is already decorated, consider whether white lights, blue lights, or multicolored lights will look best. Then hang them so they outline your window frames.

You can do this in one room or in the whole house. If you hang them up neatly, they will look a lot nicer, so make sure the strands are straight and don’t sag anywhere. Use an extension cord to keep any extra tails of lights from showing outside of the rectangle shape you’ve created.

Decorating a Small Apartment for the Holidays

Hang Icicle Lights from the Ceiling

Hanging lights on the ceiling takes advantage of the most undecorated part of your house. The lights won’t get in your way while you go about your daily business, yet they will create a festive mood in your apartment throughout the season. Start with your outlets in mind. You want to achieve this look with as few extension cords as possible (or none, if you can manage it.)

Decorating a Small Apartment for the HolidaysThen, depending on where you want to hang the lights, drape them in a back-and-forth pattern across the ceiling. Christmas light clips, like the ones you can find at Christmas Lights Etc, are perfect for a project like this, because they’re made to hang onto your Christmas lights and are easy to use at home. You probably don’t want to light up your entire living room. Try one corner of the room, or the space over a doorway, to create a festive look that isn’t overwhelming.

Decorating a Small Apartment for the Holidays

Create an Illuminated Wreath

A wreath is a great way to make your front door look more festive. If you’d rather enjoy it inside, hang it on the wall instead. A small wreath will look festive without eating up a lot of wall space. You can make your own illuminated wreath with a string of white lights, some doilies, and a wire wreath frame. First, you attach the lights to the frame in a zigzag pattern. Then, place the doilies over the lights, starting with large ones and ending with your smallest. Fluff them a little to give it texture. You may have to use some glue to keep the doilies in place.

Decorating a Small Apartment for the Holidays

In a small apartment it won’t take much to change the atmosphere. With a few projects that can be completed in an afternoon, your place will be festive and bright without feeling any smaller.

Decorating a Small Apartment for the Holidays

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