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corporate wellness program small business

Own A Small Business? You May Need A Corporate Wellness Program – Here’s Why


Having healthy employees is one of the most important things when you are trying to maximize profit. When your employees are constantly going to the doctor on a regular basis, it goes without saying that your healthcare expenditures will be through the roof. This will end up hurting the healthy employees at your company, as you will eventually be forced to raise the healthcare premiums of every employee, even for people who never go to the doctor. Here are some of the factors that have made many businesses start a corporate wellness program, such as the ones designed by Wellness Corporate Solutions.


Your work place/circle will be healthier

After a corporate wellness program has been started at your business, you will notice the attitude of all your employees will drastically change. When some of the employees begin to change the way they are eating and exercising, you will see other employees become influenced by this. Living a healthy lifestyle can be infectious in a workplace. As time goes by, the employees who were the most vocally against a wellness program will often become its biggest supporters. Discouraging your employees from smoking, while teaching the best foods to eat will keep them on the job and out of the doctor’s office.

corporate wellness program small business

corporate wellness plan small business 3Call-offs and no-shows will decrease

The simple fact is that many companies decide to start a corporate wellness program because their amount of call-offs has gotten out of hand. Call-offs inevitably lead to doctor visits, which lead to inflated healthcare costs for your company. Showing your employees how to live their lives in a healthier way will reduce the amount of times they call off. It is just that simple. Not only will this lower your healthcare costs, it will improve the productivity of your business. This is because you will not need to constantly have inexperienced employees fill in for the ones who called off.

corporate wellness program small business

Reduced healthcare costs

If you own a small business, having your employees continually go to the doctor and use their benefits can be crippling. Larger companies can adsorb this major expense, while taking steps to reduce it. However, smaller business with limited amounts of money do not have time to wait. Many small business have gone bankrupt because of employee healthcare costs. A wellness plan will lower your healthcare costs, allowing you to save money to keep your business afloat. A wellness program is essential for small businesses.

corporate wellness program small business

Of course, there are many other benefits of having a corporate wellness program in place for your small business. What’s most important is to take time to do research and weigh all of the factors properly to find what will work best for your business structure.

corporate wellness program small business

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