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My Husband And I Are Considering Predictive Genetic Testing


This year marks a huge milestone for me and my Husband. I will be turning 40 years old in May, and my Husband will officially become a member of the ‘half-century’ club. 🙂 Although neither one of us feel like our age (and are oftentimes told that we don’t look out age), both of us realize the fact that we are not getting any younger.

We have always done our best to be good stewards of our health. But we know that we have to step our game up as we begin to deal with aging. With heart disease and stroke being present through generations on my side of the family, and cancer and diabetes running on his side of the family, I started to wonder if having more detailed information about our bodies would better equip us for keeping those diseases at bay.

I did some research and found out about predictive genetic testing. I knew that it was an option for expecting mothers to check for potential health issues of their unborn children. However, I did not know that predictive genetic testing was available for adults, too.


What Can A DNA Test Tell You
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With predictive genetic testing, our primary health physicians would be able to find out if there are any gene changes in our DNA that increase our risk of developing certain diseases. By adding the test findings to our medical records, they can also have an extra tool to use when determining which medicines and health treatments would be best for us should disease develop.

The information discovered by predictive genetic testing can be very beneficial to my Husband and I on a day-to-day level as well. We can use it as a guide when making health goals and decisions about our health care and overall lifestyle. It can help us ensure that we both stay healthy as long as possible. Right now we are just in the discussion stage about it, but the more we talk about predictive genetic testing and review its benefits, it seems to be the right way to go.

predictive genetic testing

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Wow, this can really be helpful, especially if you have family members that are or have some type of inherited illness. I think people should do the testing as a preventative measure before they decide to start a family.

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