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Commit to the Care and Keeping of You – Because It’s Necessary

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I know that this life can get really hectic sometimes but it is very important that you make time to disconnect yourself from everything around you. If you can do it for a few days then that is great, but if you can only spare a few hours (or even a few minutes) out of your schedule, then that’s good too! Taking some time away is far better than taking no time at all.

This was something that I had to remind myself of recently. I had been working nonstop on my ongoing home renovations and the blog, all while juggling all of the duties around the house and the responsibilities to my kids and my husband. Managing my son’s health issues, plus preparing for the Holidays had placed me into overdrive, and before I knew it, I was going days on end without any proper sleep or rest. I had begun to break down physically, mentally, and spiritually.

In that moment is when it hit me: I had spent so much time, effort, and energy putting the needs of my family, home, and business in front of my own, that I could not even recall the last time we took time for myself. No wonder I felt totally out of balance.

Life is supposed to operate like a fine-tuned machine. And in order to do so, every component must be in order. Balance plays a huge part in that order. Taking care of ourselves proves paramount to life balance and our overall health and wellbeing, thus helping life to ‘operate’ like it is supposed to.


care and keeping of you Massage envy

care and keeping of you

The practice of taking moments of downtime to unwind is not a luxury at all. It is essential – it is the ‘tuning’ that keeps us going. Because of this, it is equally essential to make downtime a part of our regular routine.

When we commit ourselves to our own care and keeping, we give our minds and our bodies the rest needed to reset, refresh, and begin anew. When we are in total balance, our thoughts are clearer, our bodies are stronger, and our spirits are lifted. Being in balance equips us with the strength that we need to face new challenges, and handle the roles in our lives with a more positive and ‘can-do’ attitude.

In moments when you realize that you’re running on fumes (like I was), remember to commit to the total care and keeping of you – because it’s necessary. Dedicate time in your schedule to pause during the daily grind to check-in and tune up. Something as simple as making regular visits to your local Massage Envy can help you to take care of yourself and give you the rejuvenation you need to take care of others and whatever life throws at you.


care and keeping of you Massage envy

care and keeping of you

There will always be tons of responsibilities and a mile-long list of things that must be done. And as much as we try to avoid it, stress will always be a part of daily life. But trust me when I say that the responsibilities and lists are not going anywhere, and for one area of stress that you resolve in your family, home, school, or career life, there will always be another. If you always remember to keep your mind, body, and spirit in proper balance by committing to making total body care a part of your everyday life, you will discover that ‘good’ days don’t happen because they’re perfect, productive, and stress-free. Good days happen because of the ability to feel your best every day, rise to the occasion, and maintain balance and peace of mind through it all.

Care and Keeping of You


12112250_10154288275773989_8258385073884071757_nMassage Envy believes total body care is an integral part of everyone’s wellness journey, and is dedicated to helping their members and guests achieve this. To locate a Massage Envy near you, visit the website here. While you’re there, take a closer look and all of the wonderful ways Massage Envy can help take care of you through every ache, pain and stress in order to help you manage living your best life every day. You can also connect with Massage Envy on Facebook and Twitter.

Care and Keeping of You

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