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Comedian Stephanie Blum Reminds Us That Through It All, Moms Rule


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Motherhood. It is exhausting, frustrating, and sometimes downright crazy. But through it all, I believe that every Mom can admit that there is no greater role or responsibility in the world.

Being a Mom myself for over twenty years, you can best believe that I have had more than my fair share of chaos and antics thrown at me from my four children. Most days I can take it all in stride and handle it with a smile. Other times, it becomes so infuriatingly overwhelming that I want to run to the nearest corner and cry. What gets me through it all is whether pouring tears or forced smiles with gritted teeth, keeping my sights on the bigger picture that tells me that this too shall pass, and tomorrow will be a better, brighter day in my Motherhood journey.

A great example of this occurred this past weekend. My oldest son Jedi attained the rank of Eagle Scouts with the Boy Scouts of America, and there was a big ceremony in his honor.


Family had traveled from out-of-town just to be a part of the special day. As joyous of an occasion it was supposed to be, the hours prior were marked by messes made by my youngest son Manny, teenage attitude issues with youngest daughter Lady T, and Jedi trying to avoid doing his household chores. On top of that, everyone was taking forever to get dressed for the ceremony, and since we are currently renovating our house, we are currently down to only one bathroom. Needless to say, plenty of fussing, yelling, and aggravation came out of me towards the whole household. The way I saw it, a day this special should not have been this difficult!

The worst part was, just as I suspected would happen, all of the craziness resulted in a late arrival to the ceremony. How embarrassing to be late to something that is honoring you!! (!!!) As all of the eyes peered on us in what I know was harsh judgement, all I could do was hang my head in shame and stare at the floor as we went to our seats.

My son’s Scoutmaster saw how embarrassed (and upset) I was, and instead of making a scene about our late arrival, he turned it into a positive by making jokes with the crowd. “All superstars always arrive fashionably late!” he said as he hugged my son in welcoming him onto the stage. As the rest of the crowd laughed, I looked around and realized that everything wasn’t as bad as I was brewing up inside my mind. The bigger picture was that albeit late, we did arrive safely. There ceremony went on without a hitch, and things weren’t so bad after all. I even began to laugh at the situation myself.

I am so glad that the Scoutmaster came to the rescue because for me, laughter proves the best medicine for keeping my sanity in sticky situations. As a Mom, things will happen. Plans will go haywire, accidents will take place, and even anger will arise. But that never undercuts the undying and unconditional love that we have for our children – or the love that they have for us. All Moms share the secret that just like we have learn to dance in the rain of Motherhood, we also have to learn to laugh out loud in trying times as well, knowing that we are not alone.

Stephanie Blum, a former school psychologist from Brooklyn turned hilarious stand-up comedian understands this as well. She has launched a YouTube channel called MOMS RULE that showcases the crazy, chaotic beauty that is Motherhood, and how staying positive through it all makes a difference. The channel was spotted by producers at TLC, and now Stephanie will be in a new comedy series on the network entitled, “What She Said.” The series will be premiering at 11pm ET/10pm CT on Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 10th on TLC.



With everything that goes on day to day in being a Mom, it can be a comforting (and even relieving) feeling to know that there are tons of other Moms in the world who not only share the same feelings and experiences, but can find the bigger picture of joy and laughter in them, too. It is great to have a reminder that through it all, Moms rule!


Moms rule

moms ruleTo see more of MOMS RULE, check out Stephanie Blum’s MOMS RULE YouTube Channel here. You can check out the MOMS RULE website here and Stephanie Blum’s website here. You also connect with Stephanie on Facebook , and Moms Rule on Facebook.

Moms rule

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I have never heard of her before, but I will definitely go check her out. I love comedy!


That’s a cool idea for a YouTube channel! I haven’t seen very many stand up comics talk about mom issues.


This is really great! Thanks for sharing!


Great info! Thanks for sharing it.

vidya sudarsan

I love the title – Moms rule! A mom’s role is not easy, and nice to see fun videos that lighten up a mom’s day.


Sounds like a great show. I need to set my DVR to catch it.


This is something new to me. Off to check some YouTube clips 🙂


Thanks for sharing I’ll keep watch for the show


This is the first I have heard of her. I will have to check out her show!

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