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coca-cola celebrating women #cocacola #5by20 #womensmonth

. @CocaCola Celebrating Women With Chain Of Inspiration [VIDEO] #5By20


March is Women’s Month. A newly released video shows Coca-Cola celebrating women by creating a chain of inspiration for female empowerment everywhere.

Women entrepreneurs around the world can hold many roles. They are daughters, mothers, caregivers, wives, breadwinners and more. And, above all, they set ambitious goals and work hard to achieve those goals. They aspire to own their own businesses, provide a good education for their children, and create the best life possible for themselves and their families.

Coca-Cola is helping these dreams become reality with their 5by20 initiative, which is working to empower 5 million women entrepreneurs across the Company’s global value chain by the year 2020. The initiative’s ultimate goal is to provide women with the tools and skills needed to act on those dreams.

In addition to Coca-Cola celebrating women at the ESSENCE Festival last year, the company also announced a pledge of 1 million dollars to aid women’s empowerment in the United States. This newest initiative will begin in selective markets throughout the country in partnership with Urban League, Rainbow Push Coalition, and SER.

Coca-Cola Celebrating Women

With so many things happening in the world to tear women down these days, it is so wonderful to see Coca-Cola celebrating women working to build them up by unleashing their economic potential to refresh the way the world works. It is great to see these examples of how lives have been changed for the better. Very inspiring indeed!

Coca-Cola celebrating women



If you would like to see the latest news on the 5by20 initiative, visit www.5by20.com to read success stories, personal journeys, and much more.

Coca-Cola celebrating women

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