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Interview: Country Music Star Clay Walker Opens Up About Living With MS


When Country music star Clay Walker was first diagnosed with a relapsing form of MS, or RMS, nearly 20 years ago, much less was known about how to effectively manage the disease. However, in the time since, Clay has kept touring and recording steadily and has developed a routine that helps him keep his RMS under control.


One thing Clay has found that made a difference in the management of his RMS has been maintaining an open dialogue with his neurologist and others in the MS community about any challenges or questions he’s faced during his journey. This year, in honor of World MS Day on May 27, Clay is hosting a conversation on Twitter, alongside a neurologist, for people living with MS, their caregivers and loved ones. Together, Clay and the doctor will answer questions and Clay will share what he’s learned during almost 20 years of living with his condition.


One challenge of living with MS that makes talking about it especially important is that everyone’s experience with Multiple Sclerosis is unique – no two patients have exactly the same symptoms or disease course. Clay Walker is urging all patients to work closely with their neurologists to make sure their own game plan is up-to-date. Some of those key elements in a strong game plan include:


clay walker

  • Mapping out priorities: Spend time finding things you love to do rather than focusing on the things you can’t do
  • Writing down updates: Make sure to frequently discuss questions or concerns with your care team, including your neurologist
  • Sticking with a plan: Once you find a diet, exercise or treatment routine that works, it’s important to stay the course

clay walker

Clay Walker recently joined me to discuss his routine for managing his RMS and the importance of an open dialogue among patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals. He is also gave me his latest on his music and television projects.


clay walker

Take a look at the interview above.



You can join Clay in his discussion about Multiple Sclerosis during his live Twitter chat on World MS Day on May 27 at 7pm CT / 8pm ET. Follow along using the #MSDialogue, and on his Twitter account at: @ClayWalker.

clay walker


Meet Our Guest:


Country Music Star Clay Walker Opens Up About Living With MSClay Walker is full of positive energy and he is always on the go.  When he is not in Nashville where he is busy recording music, farming, gardening and riding his horses, he can be found spending time with his children or in a concert hall performing for his fans.  Over the course of his country music career, Clay has sold over 11 million albums, has had 11 #1 hit singles, and achieved four RIAA platinum and two gold certified albums. 

In 1996, Clay was diagnosed with a relapsing form of multiple sclerosis (RMS).  The diagnosis came at a pivotal time in his life; his career in country music was exploding, he had recently finished recording his fourth album and his oldest daughter had just been born. The last thing he expected was the tingling and numbness on his right side, and facial spasms that hit while he was on tour. Clay works to control his RMS through diet, exercise and medication. This May 27, in recognition of World MS Day, Clay is partnering with Teva Neuroscience to host a one-hour Twitter conference (8 p.m. ET) to share all he’s learned in the nearly 20 years since he was diagnosed with  RMS. 


In addition to his MS advocacy, touring, recording and songwriting, he finds time for his many hobbies – golf, cooking, fishing, horseback riding, cutting horse competitions, running on the beach and playing a variety of sports. 


Clay is well-known for his high-energy concerts and performance style. Knowing that others with MS have not been so lucky led him to the decision to form Band Against MS, a not-for-profit charity organization dedicated to providing educational information for those living with MS and funding important research that may one day lead to a cure. 


Recently, Clay has been in the recording studio with plans to release new music in 2015, and is active in the world of film and television. He stars as host of the Outdoor Channel’s Trophy Hunters.

clay walker

Wife. Mom. Believer. Writer. Advocate.

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