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Holistic Recovery

Choosing Holistic Recovery: A Variety of Health Treatment Options Makes a Difference

Holistic Recovery Centers treatment options are one of the things that people in recovery are looking for. Being fully in the grip of either drug or alcohol addiction is very difficult for many people and their loved ones, but access to multiple treatment options make it easier to get that help. One of the things that makes a difference is having holistic options.

What is the Holistic Approach?

The holistic approach to treating alcohol or drug addiction addresses the fact that many factors contribute to addiction, including genetics and personal trauma. Many people do not see addiction as the complex disease that it is. Because there are many factors that could contribute to addiction, the treatment approach needs to appropriately address all of these issues. Taking a holistic approach addresses the medical needs behind addiction, as well as spiritual and emotional needs.


Holistic Recovery

Holistic Recovery

Reasons People Prefer Holistic Options

Because addiction affects the lives of so many people and their families, patients, and their caregivers want solutions that benefit everyone all around. Approaches that address the needs of the whole person lead to a greater likelihood of recovery over a longer term. Holistic treatment, although often confused with homeopathic treatment, addresses the patient’s needs as a whole person, instead of just the medical and mental needs.

Holistic Recovery

Recovery Needs to Be a Long-Term Goal

Getting a person with an alcohol or drug problem to become sober is important, but there must also be an emphasis on staying sober over a longer time. Established counseling methods that take place in both individual and group settings play a major role in helping patients achieve the sobriety they need. Using counseling methods helps patients return to mental health as soon as possible.


Personalized Approaches Make a Difference

One of the important parts of holistic recovery is treating the patient as a valuable individual whose personal interests matter. In fact, a patient’s interests can play a meaningful role in their recovery process. Patients who enjoy creative arts will not only find healthy ways of relaxing but may also help them develop a better emotional outlook. Canine and equine therapy are very helpful for providing a fun diversion, as well as improving self-confidence. By giving patients the choice of participating in programs that cater to their interests, more patients in recovery will give their sobriety the top priority that it needs.

Holistic Recovery

How Staff Members Customize Each Patient’s Treatment

Patients who need treatment can feel confident that the staff at a holistic local detox in Grove City will make sure that everything is personalized from the time of admission. When each patient is treated as a valuable individual rather than just another case, they will be on the road to a great, lasting recovery. A comprehensive physiatric evaluation will help caregivers identify each patients’ needs and what goals they need to meet to achieve lasting sobriety. Part of the admissions process also includes as assessment used to determine which custom program is best for the patient’s needs.

Holistic Recovery

What Other Options Are Available for Outpatients?

Partial hospitalization options are available and a viable choice for some patients. Many cases involving addiction start with experimentation or self-medicating during times of stress. Partial hospitalization is somewhat more intensive than standard outpatient programs, but also allows the patient to live at home during treatment. Because of the holistic nature of this program, patients can take advantage of alternative therapies and wellness options. Outpatient programs that include both intensive and non-intensive options work well for many patients. Aftercare services also go a long way towards helping patients retain their sobriety.


Families Play a Major Role in Recovery

Family programs serve two major purposes: one is helping the patient stay sober, and the other is helping to address any family issues that have become a problem in the addict’s life. Enabling and co-dependency are some of the issues that are often present in families with an addict. Other issues that are common in families with addiction include communication problems and resentment issues. Counseling and other forms of therapy that address these issues make it easy for everyone to move on with their lives in new, healthy ways. Because addiction affects the entire family, it is helpful for the family to recover together.

Holistic Recovery

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