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Chipolo Item Finder Helps to Never Lose Anything – Ever


I received a compensation and a Chipolo to facilitate this review. All opinions are still my own.


I wish that I would have discovered the Chipolo Item Finder months ago! Sometime around winter break, I realized that I had lost my miniature data box that I use for my laptop when I travel. I searched the family car with absolutely no luck. Then, I made an attempt at searching the house. However, with things being moved around so much due to our renovations, that search has been unsuccessful thus far, too. With my travel schedule about to resume soon, I am faced with the reality of having to dish out money to buy a new box.

The data box is so small I would misplace it all of the time. But it is not just small things that are an issue for me: I am notoriously known for being the one that can never locate my keys when it is time to leave the house, and always asking of the whereabouts of my cell phone. In fact, I lose and misplace stuff so much that my Mom used to say that I “would misplace my head even when it’s on my body.”

So when I found out about the Chipolo Item Finder, it was just like an answered prayer for me! Chipolo is a device that you can use to help locate your lost or misplaced items. When attached to your keys, tablet, or bag, you can use Chipolo to ‘ring’ your item just like you would a phone simply by using the Chipolo mobile app. If it’s a phone that you’re looking for, you can shake any paired Chipolo to ring your phone (even if it’s on ‘silent’). You can also go online to see the last location of your item or device via the Chipolo website.


Chipolo Item Finder


If only I had known of the Chipolo Item Finder sooner, I could have saved myself a ton of money in buying a new data box, key replacements and door locks, and cell phones! I can assure you that I am connecting a Chipolo to my new data box the moment that it arrives at the front door! So far, I have a Chipolo for my keys, and it has certainly saved my time and sanity – I’m not late anymore when it’s time to leave the house!

I am also getting Chipolos for the entire family! My oldest son could surely use Chipolo on his electronic devices and backpack to keep his items protected while he is on campus every day. And I know that my husband would greatly benefit from the Chipolo Item Finder on his keys since his job requires him to be constantly on the go. The best part is that all of us can connect our Chipolos together, so that we can help each other find items that are lost or misplaced.


Chipolo Item Finder


Chipolo Item Finder


Our family is extremely busy, and it is no surprise to us that items get lost or misplaced from time to time. Now with the help of the Chipolo Item Finder, we have a better advantage of not only locating our items in such times, but ensuring that our item replacement costs at a minimum by keeping our beloved items around for much longer. There’s no doubt that Chipolo will make our hectic lives much easier!



Chipolo Item Finder,To learn more, visit the Chipolo Item Finder website. You can also connect with Chipolo on Facebook and Twitter.

Chipolo Item Finder

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Chipolo sounds like it was tailor made for my home. If I’m not misplacing something, some else in the family is.


I need this. I seriously lose everything! I will have to see about buying one!


Now that is cool. We seem to misplace the keys to the van constantly. The key to the mower gets lost every once in a while too.


how cool! Chipolo sounds pretty neat. I think it would be perfect for me who loses just about everything in sight!


This is something i need in my life. I am always looking for my keys. This would make a great gift as well.

Seattle Travel Blogger

A lady last Tue just lost her keys in a workout area at a fitness center! She really could have used this. What an interesting concept.


I really need this. I always forget my things or stuffs and sometimes i ended up losing them.

Ryan Escat
Ryan Escat

That sounds amazing. I guess I need that, thanks for sharing!


I have a way of loosing everything! This intuitive little gadget is just what I need!


That should be in your gift bag from the OB-GYN when you find out you’re expecting. Maybe it was just me! I lost everything for 9 months!


I guess I’m like your oldest. I could surely use this device too. 😉


I literally was just speaking to my husband about a similar concept a few days ago! I tend to misplace things, we’ll leave it at that! I love that it’s associated with your phone too!

Katherine G

I so need this. I am always losing something. This would help me out a lot.

Psychic Nest

Hi Makeba,

I will definitely need Chipolo for my keys. Especially when I want to rush out of the house and I cannot find them. Great review, thank you!



I need to put one of these on my keys pronto! I’m always losing my keys

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