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Should I let My Child Join a Community Soccer Team?


With the arrival of summer vacation also comes parents’ task of selecting activities to keep their children physically and mentally active and engaged until school resumes. One option that is growing in popularity is the community soccer team. With concerns of costs for uniforms and equipment above and beyond the registration fee, it is not uncommon for parents to ponder if it is worth it to make the financial investment.

Speaking as a parent who has done it multiple times, I can assuredly say that a community soccer team is worth every penny spent. The return on investment is simply immeasurable, as there are a host of benefits for kids and parents alike.




When chosen carefully, parents get the benefit of peace of mind knowing that their child is getting a healthy dose of fresh air and physical activity while making new friends and having a good time. Additionally, kids reap the benefits of learning essential life skills such as teamwork, hard work, and dedication.

Should I let My Child Join a Community Soccer Team?There’s also the rewarding feeling of parents and children working together with coaches and other community soccer team staff to secure the funding and enhancements necessary for the team to operate smoothly and successfully. Programs such as #PassTheLoveBack soccer program offer the opportunity for community soccer teams to supplement the financial support from the community in a fun and unique way by earning points that are redeemable for uniforms, t-shirts, warm-up gear, and other custom apparel. It is a great way to help make parents’ financial load a little lighter.

As the Official Snacks of U.S. Soccer and Major League Soccer, the maker of OREO cookies, RITZ BITS crackers and CHIPS AHOY! cookies Multipacks are in their third year of hosting the Multipacks ‘Pass The Love Back’ program that empowers communities by sponsoring local youth soccer teams, making their goal of a summer of fun, friendship, and pride a reality.


 Should I let My Child Join a Community Soccer Team?


Summertime is about more than children enjoying ‘lazy hazy days.’ Summer is about learning and growing, too. There is no better way for kids to learn and grow than to be involved in activities that challenge their bodies and minds in a positive way. By being a part of a community soccer team, kids learn the physical and mental life lessons from being part of a team that will inspire and empower them well after summer is over.


ptl-logoOREO cookies, RITZ BITS crackers and CHIPS AHOY! cookies Multipacks are available at retailers nationwide. To learn more, visit the Pass The Love Back soccer program website.

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My youngest played soccer for many years and loved it. I feel it’s such a great game and being international is fun as an adult too. One can always find people to play with no matter where you are.


My friend’s kids play on a community soccer team. They love it and have made a lot of friends.

Marcie W.

My daughter just finished her second year of soccer. She is really sharpening her skills and learned quite a bit about teamwork too.


Football (soccer for you) is such a big thing over here, I think a lot of my friends played it at one time or another when I was a child. x

Liz Mays

Soccer is a lot of fun and I think team sports are great for kids. The Pass The Love Back program sounds awesome.


Definitely a yes for me. Most parents are thinking about the rage and violence of sports and I don’t think it’s wise to assume that it happens every time there’s physical contact involved. And this articles sheds some light on it and even adds some nifty Pros along with it, great job!


Nice to hear that there is a kid-friendly soccer community at your place. I also want my kid to experience this.


I would love to have my son join in such community soccer team one day if it will be available in my place. That will be so fun!


My two older boys played community soccer and loved it. I think its important for them to be part of at team at some point, and my boys just love soccer.


Team sports are excellent for kids. My kids love to play soccer, and I’m glad. It seems much less dangerous than football!


I played soccer as a child and loved it. Now my kids play softball and baseball. Great way to stay active.


My son was on one for several seasons. He had a blast!


My daughter will be playing soccer this summer. Her brother loved it. I’m sure she will too! It’s really popular here in southern California.

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