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National Child Dental Health Month: 20 Days To A Healthier Smile

National Child Dental Health Month: 20 Days To A Healthier Smile


February is National Child Dental Health Month (hooray)! Sometimes it can be challenging to convince kids to see the overall importance of keeping their teeth and gums healthy, rather than just another chore.  In such cases, a great way to turn things around is to assist them develop the habits of healthy dental care—and there is no better time to do it than Child Dental Health Month.

Child Dental Health

The saying goes that it takes 30 days of consistently doing something for it to become a habit. This philosophy can be used with your child! If they are ‘needing a push’ towards better self-dental care, consider implementing a 30 day dental health challenge for them. If you help them the first 20 days, and encourage them to do the final 10 days on their own, your child will be well on the road to a healthier smile by Spring!

Child Dental Health

Need a little help? Here are some tips you can use to launch the Dental Health Challenge with your family!

Child Dental Health

Kids LOVE Sticker Charts

Most children are visual learners – nothing excites them more than to see what they are doing and their progress. To prepare for the Dental Health Challenge, head out to the store and purchase a customizable sticker chart for your child.


Each time that they brush their teeth, rinse, floss, etc., they will earn a sticker.  At the end of each day, look over the chart together and give them encouragement and support to either do better the next day or to keep up the good work.


Child Dental Health

Make It A Game, Offer A Prize

One of the best ways to get your child on board with the sticker chart is to back it up with a reward. At the beginning of the challenge, tell them that it is like a game: the more stickers they have at the end of the 30-day period, the bigger their prize will be.


Think of some gifts for them beforehand: is there a certain toy they wanted for Christmas but didn’t receive? Maybe a favorite place they like to go to. Set the guidelines of sticker amount-to-prize rewarded, and give them little reminders throughout the month to help keep them motivated.

Child Dental Health



Schedule A Trip To the Dentist

All children (and adults too!) should definitely visit the dentist every 6 months. If you know that it’s been awhile, go ahead and take the month to make an appointment.


It they have gone recently, still call your dentist to advise them of your challenge, and see if you and your child can stop by for a quick look at their teeth. The visit also provides an extra voice of support and encouragement to your child, too. (if you need a dentist, you can find one in your local area Here.)

Child Dental Health


Personalize it!

Adults have their favorite brand and flavor of toothpaste and mouthwash, preferred color and specification of toothbrush, etc. Why can’t kids have the same?! Taking your child to the store and allowing them to select the toothbrush, toothpaste, etc. they want will definitely boost their confidence in completing the Dental Health Challenge! If you want to go the extra mile, buy a special box or bag with their initials or favorite cartoon character to hold their dental care products at home, and even a mini-kit to use at school. They’ll love it!

Child Dental Health


Eats, Drinks and More

During the challenge time frame, have ongoing discussions with your child about dental care from the inside. Share the importance of consuming calcium-rich and other healthy foods and beverages, and why healthy snacks are better for dental health over unhealthy ones.


Try introducing some new fruits and vegetables for them to try; limit the purchase of chips, candy, and sugary drinks during grocery shopping. Lastly, let them see you indulging in healthy food and beverages, too—they will follow your lead.

Child Dental Health

When it comes to child dental health, a little positive reinforcement goes a very long way! Invest twenty days in being actively involved in your child’s dental health, then step back and cheer them on for the remaining ten. You’ll find that by the end of the challenge, your child will have awesome dental habits that will last a lifetime!

Child Dental Health 


Will you be doing the Dental Health Challenge with your child(ren)? What other ways do you plan to get them on board with it? Share with me below.

Child Dental Health

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