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Cervical Cancer and Women of Color: Let’s Talk About It



In 2022, it is estimated that 14,100 individuals in the United States will be diagnosed and 4,280 will die as a result of cervical cancer.1


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Now there is a campaign called CeMe, which was created by to not only give representation to the diverse women who make up the cervical cancer community, but to also share stories that foster deeper connections and empower women in their care.


CeMe shares real-life stories through videos, where patients and advocates tackle difficult conversations, such as: living with cervical cancer as a single mother, confronting cultural barriers to care, and even supporting a loved one while navigating their own cancer diagnosis.


One of the women highlighted is Tamika, a 20-year cervical cancer survivor. At the time of her diagnosis, Tamika found that information and support for those with cervical cancer was very limited. To close this gap, Tamika founded Cervivor, a global community of patient advocates who aim to spread education and awareness about cervical cancer.



Learn more about this amazing woman – what she’d learned through her journey with the challenges she faced and how and why she now wants to help others.


Wife. Mom. Believer. Writer. Advocate.

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