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Celebrate Life By Kicking Fear To The Curb #GoodLife

Celebrate Life By Kicking Fear To The Curb

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I remember the first time that I got the opportunity to go to New York City. It wasn’t a family vacation, but instead a trip with a group of friends. When the idea was presented at a gathering, there were some in the group who strongly declined going out of fear that something bad would happen. “We could get mugged or killed—I see it happen on TV all of the time” some of the friends said. I, on the other hand, had forever longed to travel to the Big Apple, and had made up in my mind that I was not going to let doubts of ‘being safe’ keep me from what I then saw as an opportunity of a lifetime.. Kicking Fear To The Curb

I went, I saw, and I conquered. I had a total blast—I even explored the streets of NYC on my own for a day! No harm came my way whatsoever, and everything turned out fine. .Kicking Fear To The Curb

Oftentimes I think about what if I had allowed something so simple as fear of ‘what if’ to convince me to stay home instead. I would not have had the wonderful experience of walking completely across the Brooklyn Bridge (the photo above) and shopping in Brooklyn, or:

 .Kicking Fear To The Curb

Celebrate Life By Kicking Fear To The Curb #GoodLife

Meeting the queen of soul food Ms. Sylvia Woods at her famous ‘Sylvia’s’ restaurant in Harlem

 .Kicking Fear To The Curb

Allstate Good Life

Celebrate Life By Kicking Fear To The Curb #GoodLife

Taking this super cool photo(lol) with Bono’s wax figure at Madame Tussard’s Museum


 .Kicking Fear To The Curb

celebrate life by kicking fear to the curb #GoodLife

Viewing the Empire State Building at night from the ‘Top of the Rock’ — Rockerfeller Center

 .Kicking Fear To The Curb

See, it’s not that I totally ignored the possibility of danger, it’s just that I know for a fact that no matter what or where I am, that possibility is always present. Instead of dwelling fear however, I know if I want to live my very best life, I need to get on out there and LIVE. Why? Because I also know that there is the equal possibility of something happening that is undeniably great.

I am saying all of that to say this: celebrate life! Always understand the risks associated with whatever it is you do or wherever you want to go, but do not let that stop you from being happy and dreaming, planning, working, and creating YOUR very best possible life—for both yourself and your family.

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Have you ever had a time when you overcame doubt and fear about doing something you really wanted to do? What measures do you take to ensure that you are living a good life for yourself and your family every day? Share with me below or tell me about it at: melisasource@yahoo.com.

.Kicking Fear To The Curb

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I totally agree. I am a major worrier and it has made me miss out on a lot of experiences in life!


I am also a survivor of a bad relationship. It made me the person I am today!

GiGi Eats Celebrities

LMFAO!!! I totally thought that wax figure was REAL!


I’m delighted to hear you weren’t afraid of NYC. I haven’t been scared of much either. I moved tom LI, to MO, to OH, back to MO, MS and now GA. Only the move to GA was done with someone else. People often said, I can’t believe you moved around so much by yourself. I can thank my Mother for teaching me to be adventurous. She drove all up and down the East Coast by herself to see family and friends.

Tesa @ 2 Wired 2 Tired

I’m a worrier too but I find that generally everything works out and most of the time I even end up having fun – like you did! That is so neat that you walked across the Brooklyn Bridge and I’m glad you had such a memorable trip.


I remember my first time in NYC. I was in college. Went to Spike Lee’s shop and bought from 40 Acres and a Mule para.. My second trip was for a special birthday. By myself. Before the kiddos. I visited a fried. Saw a play on Broadway. Toured Ellis Island. Was priviliged to see the Twin Towers before, well you know.. All of this to say is that NYC is a magical place. I’m glad you did not let fear miss out on that adventure. Live!

Janeane Davis

My family and I were recently in v olved in a hit and run accident. A few days ago I was in New York and the busy streets and traffic terrified me. I had to ivercome my fear to travel around the city. I did and it felt wonderful.

Chasing joy
Chasing joy

My blog and blog events require me to get over my fears of being judged, and misunderstood. With every post I hae a fear of someone misunderstanding and losing friendships. It has happened before. But I rather go for it than have regrets and woulda, shoulda, coulda.

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