Azure Antoinette is a commissioned poet, entrepreneur, and arts education advocate. Affectionately known as "the Maya Angelou of the Millennial

  Black Americans mistrust the COVID-19 vaccine in large proportions – and that is worrying health officials.   Recent surveys show that in

  Wondering how to get more sleep and establish a nightime routine this year? You're not alone.     According to the U.S. Center

  Have you broken your New Year’s health resolutions yet? If you have, you are not alone.   Research shows nearly 80% of

  No diet is ever easy. That's part of the definition of a diet, right? While this may be true, eating

  Nearly three quarters (73%) of adults ages 50-59 say it is absolutely essential, extremely important, or very important for adults

  A bowel care program is an essential aspect of overall health and wellness for  for persons with quadriplegia. Our gut

  Losing weight is challenging, but keeping it off seems to be a tougher battle for many. If you’re eager to

. . Imagine feeling a pain that compares to shooting and stabbing sensations – that’s what happens to millions with something called

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