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Breast Cancer Mastectomy Resource Empowerment

A New Breast Cancer Mastectomy Resource For Empowerment


 There are millions of websites out there that offer information on breast cancer prevention and medicine. However when it comes to the self-care and emotional well-being of the outcomes of breast cancer, the resources seem to be very scarce and scattered. Fortunately, someone has taken notice and did something about it.

Breast Cancer Mastectomy Resource

Bringing mastectomy empowerment to the forefront during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, BreastHealing.com has just launched its new interactive and user-friendly educational hub, the trademarked Breast Healing Map.

Breast Cancer Mastectomy Resource

The wealth of education on the site was written by BreastHealing.com’s Founder and President Elizabeth Vivenzio, who had been a medical editor for more than 30 years prior to her own 2009 mastectomy.

Breast Cancer Mastectomy Resource

Although the Internet is brimming with information for the breast cancer community, there were still some essential topics about the aftermath of mastectomy that were not covered,” said Mrs. Vivenzio. “It has become my mission to empower women during their breast healing and, specifically, encourage them to thrive after mastectomy.”

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Designed by New Jersey based company Jersey Girls Creative, Breast Healing Map™ leads readers to topics relevant to those who are healing from surgery or going through breast reconstruction. It also addresses the needs of those choosing breast deconstruction (removal of implants) because of pain and of those who decide on no reconstruction.

Breast Cancer Mastectomy Resource

Topics on the Breast Healing Map™ range from proactive preparation for mastectomy surgery and post-op self-care tips to the importance of breast rehabilitation for optimal shoulder, arm, and chest muscle healing.

Breast Cancer Mastectomy Resource

It is wonderful to see a company create a one-stop resource for health and healing information to assist those who need it.

 Breast Cancer Mastectomy Resource

For more information about Breast Healing Map™, visit BreastHealing.com or contact Elizabeth Vivenzio at BreastHealing@gmail.com. You can also connect with BreastHealing.com on Facebook and Twitter.

Breast Cancer Mastectomy Resource

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I think it’s so wonderful to have so many resources at our fingertips. Thank you for sharing this information.

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