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#BlackMusicMonth Series: What Are You Telling Yourself?

Never take the power of words for granted.


The words that you speak to and of yourself have tremendous power—far more power than what another person may ever say to you.


Your words can push you to conquer the world, or persuade you that there is no reason to continue trying. The slightest utterance of optimism or pessimism can make a massive impact on what you believe to be true about yourself.


Words are like air: good, high quality air is healthy and improves breathing; thus giving the ability to engage in more activities. On the contrary, poor quality air contaminates, suffocates, increases risk for illness, and inhibits those who breathe it from being their absolute best.


Negative words are like venom: seeping into our bloodstream in a way that can be lethal. How, you ask? By slowly killing our ideas of hopeful outcomes and possibilities, our dreams, and even our self-esteem. Positive words however, give life.


So, why speak poorly to yourself? Others may say what they want to you, but that has no bearing on anything. It is what YOU say and believe about you that matters. This is not about outside influences–your influence is the one that is most important.


So again I ask you: what are you telling yourself?  



From this day forward, practice being more mindful of the words that you are speaking not only to yourself, but also about yourself to others. Making a habit of telling yourself that you are brilliant, strong, creative, and powerful beyond measure will help not only for you to believe it, but also for your actions to begin demonstrating the same.



Remember, the words you speak help create the world that you live in. Positive self-talk along with confidence will most certainly yield positive results. You can count on it! 🙂


Enjoy this week’s Music Monday’s selection, “I Am Somebody” (circa 1983) by artist Glenn Jones.


Have a song that would be perfect for Music Mondays? Share with me below or tell me about it at: melisasource@yahoo.com




The featured image for this series is provided by Wydtrack Music, a phenomenal Midwest-based production company specializing in R&B, Rock, Rap, and Alternative genres. Their artists include the incomparable Terry L, Darryl RessePreshus Metal, Woodz, and more. You can discover more about Wydtrack Music by visiting their website. You can also find them on Facebook, Twiiter, and Google Play.




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You took it back! Yes music is powerful, so many affirmations and vibrations can be felt in music these days! Music truly does affect us, so we have to make sure that what we are putting in to our minds and ears is uplifting us. Love this article look forward to more from you!

Makeba Giles
Reply to  phoenixstar9

Greetings Phoenix! I had such a great time doing this series and here’s why: when I was thinking of the songs that I would feature for this series, I realized that the ones from back in the day that carried empowering and inspiring messages are the ones that I loved the most growing up. It made me realize just how powerful music is, in that it can affect us in such a way that it stays with us and influences our mindset and actions for far more than just a moment, but for a lifetime! The songs of this series… Read more »

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